2017 Timbersled ST 120 LE Grey

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2017 Timbersled ST 120 LE Grey - BFD Moto

2017 Timbersled ST 120 LE Grey

The Timbersled ST 120 can handle anything your powder-filled imagination can throw at it. The 120" track and 10" Backcountry ski provide uncompromising stability and efficient traction through all snow conditions. The ST is the ultimate do-everything snow bike system.

ST 120 LE (LIMITED EDITION): Offered only during pre-season SnowCheck, the ST 120 LE takes suspension plushness and adjustability to a whole new level. Featuring custom valved Fox Zero QS3r coil over shocks, custom colors, and custom graphics; the ST 120 LE is the undisputed king of snow bike suspension.

120" X 12.5" CONVEX 2.5 TRACK: The new Convex 2.5 easily outperforms all other designs by increasing efficiency, handling, and reducing weight. The specific “Convex” shape mimics a tire making it easier for trail and hard pack riding.

LONG ARM CONVEX PIVOTING SUSPENSION: The most efficient, best climbing, smoothest riding long travel snow bike suspension on the planet. It also utilizes our Front Flex Arm technology that feels narrower like a tire, and helps keep your bike level as you ride across uneven terrain.

NEW EK X-RING CHAIN: All 2017 Timbersled systems feature the proven EK X-ring chain. Timbersled used EK chain on all 2011-2015 systems with 100% success.

NEW RMK I-BEAM RAILS AND BUMPERS: The new 2017 rails and bumpers are stronger and lighter; thanks to proven RMK technology.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: ST track system, 10" Backcountry ski and spindle, new EK X-ring chain, 5' brake line. Requires TSS or Solid Strut Install Fit Kit.