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WP Preload Adjusters

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WP Preload Adjusters


The WP preload adjuster is a straightforward, mechanical spring tensioner that is simple to use. The preload adjuster is quick and easy to adjust and is very robust and durable. WP PRO COMPONENTS offers a variety of preload adjusters for off-road shocks and, in combination with the Trax system, they can be used with the unique Tension Improvement System for Enduro.


WP preload adjusters are available for:

  • Standard OEM link shocks KTM and Husqvarna Motorcycles
  • Standard OEM PDS shocks KTM
  • Trax link shocks
  • Trax PDS shocks
  • The KTM rally shocks


  • No tools necessary
  • Can be fitted to all shock absorbers
  • Available either fixed or with various hose lengths
  • Quickly and easily adjust the suspension according to the load (riding with baggage, etc.)
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