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BFD Moto 2-Stroke Pre-Made Oil Change Kit

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BFD Moto 2-Stroke Pre-Made Oil Change Kit

 Everything you need to change the oil on your 2-stroke machine. This kit has the essentials that you need for every oil change on a modern style 2-stroke, as well as a couple upgrades that will make the job easier. Compatible with 2017+ Husqvarna/KTM two strokes (125+), as well as 2021+ GasGas two strokes. (125+)


Base Kit Includes:

1 X 1L Motorex 15W50 Engine Oil

1 X Crush Washer

1 X CRC Brake Clean

*Optional Upgrades Listed Below Picture*


Option One: Base Kit

Option Two: Base + Bullet Proof Designs Oil Drain Kit

Option Three: Base + Matrix Concepts Oil Drain Pan

Option Four: Base + AKT Clutch Cover Funnel

Option Five: Base + Clutch Cover Funnel + Oil Drain Pan

Option Six: Base + Oil Drain Kit + Oil Drain Pan

Option Seven: Base + Oil Drain Kit + Clutch Cover Funnel

Option Eight: Everything