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2022 Timbersled ARO3 Premium

2022 Timbersled ARO3 S Premium 

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    Unbeatable Agility And Confidence:
    The ARO 3 is available with the S package - delivering all the adrenaline and adventure of the ARO 3 in an easier to ride, confidence inspiring package. With a 3" lower seat height, the ARO 3 S enables the rider to dominate the powder with ease and agility.
  • Industry Leading Fox Suspension: The all-new IBP QS3 shocks from FOX Racing set the standard for snow bike performance. The Internal Bypass (IBP) design is position sensitive, reacting to where the shock is in the stroke. This position sensitivity delivers a smooth ride over stutter bumps and rough terrain, while maintaining bottom out resistance for bit hits and drops. The shocks feature an all-new lightweight design, which reduces critical unsprung mass and improves the overall performance of the Timbersled. The QS3 adjustment features three quick select compression settings, easily tuning the Timbersled to the riding style and conditions.
  • Easiest To Own: Timbersled is backed by the world leader in powersports: Polaris. With the advanced engineering and design capabilities of Polaris, Timbersleds are an easily converted, low maintenance snow bike system. The direct bolt-on design means no bike or air box modifications, with pre-bled brakes making it easier. Add in Timbersled's world class accessories & extensive dealer network, and its clear Timbersled is the easiest ownership experience.
  • Balance And Precision: The ARO 3 is built on the industry leading Timbersled ARO platform. The Timbersled Traverse Ski and Timbersled Traverse Track, combined with the aluminum chassis and ARO suspension, deliver precise handling and superior deep snow lift.
  • Includes: 129" X 11.5 " X 3" Timbersled Track and Fox DS3 Shocks

    Brakes: Timbersled Pre-Bleed


    Chains: 520 X-Ring


    Gearing (Jackshaft:Upper:Lower): 17:17:18


    Sprockets: Super Light Weight HD


    Track Dimensions (W x L x Lug Inches): 11.5 x 129 x 3.0


    Track Name/Feature: Traverse 3"


    Estimated Dry Weight -Front (lbs/kg): 16.0 / 7.25


    Estimated Dry Weight -Rear (lbs/kg): 120.0 / 54.4


    Overall Length: 72 in (182.9 cm)


    Hyfax: Lightweight


    Rail Colour: Black


    Rear Travel -Fixed Install Kit (in/cm): 9 / 22.9


    Rear Travel -TSS Install Kit (in/cm): 17 / 43.2


    Shocks: Fox QS3

    Spindle: Lightweight S