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48MM Fork Seal Scraper Set

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48MM Fork Seal Scraper Set


This set could save you some fork seals! With a split design, these scrapers allow for an easy installation without needing to remove the fork. Every 48MM fork can use this seal scraper set as it is a universal fitment. 


This scraper set acts as a secondary defense to protect your seals. The dust seal on a fork is there to prevent as much dirt as possible from sliding into the oil seal and causing a problem. These fork seal protectors will scrape away the mud and dirt on the fork tube that makes its way past the fork seal. 

To Install:

There are two ways to install these scrapers. The first is to get them installed during your next fork service so you do not need to worry about the installation. Second, to install them yourself just pop the dust seal down, slid the scrapers in-between the two seals, and pop the dust seal back in. The split design will allow you to put these on your fork tubes without taking the entire fork apart.