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AltRider Crash Bar Frame Sliders - Suzuki V-Strom DL1000

AltRider Crash Bar Frame Sliders - Ducati Multistrada

Protect your bike in slides and spills with the AltRider Frame Sliders for the Suzuki V-Strom DL650. Made from abrasion and impact resistant plastic these sliders integrate seamlessly into the AltRider Crash Bar mount by attaching via billet aluminum offset designed to effectively transfer the impact load to the crash bars. Because of the direct mount to the bars the frame avoids damage that can occur in a crash when frame sliders are bolted directly to the frame itself. The sliders utilize plastic with good lubrication and wear properties so AltRider frame sliders can survive a longer slide than those made with other common materials. Additionally the ability to resist impact is high making the slider less likely to snap off or crack in a crash. We also chose to use high strength chromo steel rod instead of commonly used all-thread or stainless steel (read more about why). These frame sliders offer extra protection when you need it most. Only compatible with the AltRider Crash Bars. Frame sliders do not work independently of crash bars. Crash bars must be installed with frame sliders.

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