AltRider Crash Bars - Triumph Tiger 800 2015-2021

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AltRider Crash Bars -Triumph Tiger 800XC 2015-2021

The bars are built with precision-manufactured mounts that fit directly into the existing motor mount, creating a robust connection that is secured with existing OEM fasteners on the top engine mounts. Torx fasteners are provided for the bottom mounts.

Unlike other crash bars, these do not use flanges or weak tabs and are not hung: they are actually mounted. Crafted with hand TIG welding and a shot peen satin finish, these stainless bars will hold up in spills and never even show signs of rust.

Protect your clutch cover, radiator, and front fairings with the system that doesn’t deflect or bend.

  • Compatible with all Tiger 800 models
  • Stainless construction fights corrosion and rust
  • Hand TIG welded crash bars are 1 inch diameter for additional strength
  • All coping is cut on 5 axis laser then hand TIG welded
  • All hardware included