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BFD Moto Winter Riding Kit Mitas/Mitas

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BFD Moto Winter Riding Kit Mitas/Mitas

This is the complete kit that you need to get out riding this winter. Since we aren't getting the pre-studded tires in the shop this year, we have compiled a kit that has everything you need for a great winter experience. You will have just a few extra studs but that will allow you to adjust/add some studs to keep these tires functioning for many seasons. This kit uses the BEST, top of the line products that with proper maintenance and care, can be used for a handful of seasons or more! $50 oversize shipping charge will be applied if this is to be shipped.

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 X Mitas XT-454 110/100-18 Pre-Dimpled Rear Tire
  • 1 X Mitas XT-434 80/100-21 Pre Dimpled Front Tire
  • 3 X Grip Studs 1740 100 Pack
  • 3 X Grip Studs 1800 100 Pack
  • 1 X Front Grip Stud Install Tool
  • 1 X Rear Grip Stud Installation Tool