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BFD Moto Winter Riding Kit Volcanduro/M5B

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BFD Moto Winter Riding Kit Volcanduro/M5B

We are back with another brand new winter tire kit that has EVERYTHING you need to hit the trails this winter.. The weather is starting to turn and with that, we are releasing TWO new winter kit match-ups as we are currently sold out of the Mitas XT-444 pre-dimpled front tires and running low on the Mitas XT-454 pre dimpled rear tires. This kit includes the IRC Volcanduro front which is ranked up with the Mitas pre-dimpled tire as one of the best front tires to stud up and the classis IRC M5B tire. The Volcanduro knobs have great spacing for the snow, the tire holds up very well, and there are actually little dimples in some of the knobs that allows for easy stud installation. The IRC M5B tire is the classic tire for winter riding. Before the pre-dimpled tires came out, this was the go to... and it is still an awesome choice! Large knobs, great hold up, and outstanding traction. Everything you need is in this kit and with proper maintenance, you will be able to use these tires for many seasons. Interested in our other match-up? Check out our IRC Volcanduro/IRC M5B Winter Riding Kit Here. $25 oversize shipping charge will be applied if this is to be shipped.

 *Note: You May Have A Few Studs Left Over But This Is Critical To Keeping Your Tires Fresh With New Studs. Replacement Of Some Studs Results In Years Of Fun!*

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 X IRC M5B 110/80-18 Tire
  • 1 X IRC Volcanduro 80/100-21 Tire
  • 3 X Grip Studs 1740 100 Pack
  • 3 X Grip Studs 1800 100 Pack
  • 1 X Front Grip Stud Install Tool
  • 1 X Rear Grip Stud Installation Tool