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C3 Forcefield Handguard Shield Expanders

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C3 Forcefield Handguard Shield Expanders

Please note that Shield Expanders are not designed to be used in any other application than with C3 FORCEFIELD Handguards, behind the main plastic shields. You may still be interested to try and rig something up with your setup or with another brand's parts but we can't guarantee the fit.

Snow and wind are cold, and twigs and branches can hurt.... So add another layer of defense to the already class-leading Forcefield Handguards with the Shield Expanders!

  • Constructed from high-quality fabric and press-molded foam, like "wind muffs" but without the hassle and safety concern of complicating getting your hands in and out
  • Add 1.5-2 inches of extra coverage
  • Stiff enough to hold its structure and protect from the elements, flexible enough to bend instead of breaking on impacts
  • Perfect fit with Forcefield Handguards