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Giant Loop Fuel Safe Bladder

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Giant Loop Fuel Safe Bladder

  • Conveniently transport 1-5 gallons of hydrocarbon fuel for power sports racing in a collapsible welded film and ballistic nylon reinforced container that rolls up or packs flat when empty.
  • 3-gallon (11.4 liters) and 5-gallon (18.9 liters) Gas Bags are designed specifically for UTVs, ATVs, snowmobiles, snow bikes (e.g., Timbersled, Camso), 4x4s and overland vehicles, providing a lightweight, compact means of transporting gas for off-road racing on closed courses, as well as for international travel.
  • Our Gas Bag uses a standard filler neck to allow use of EZ Pour Spouts and other similarly sized nozzles.

Specs & Features

  • Available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 5-Gallon versions
  • Compatible with most petroleum fuels, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and jet. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH HIGH ETHANOL FUELS.
  • Volumes: 1 gallon maximum capacity (3.8 liters), 2 gallon maximum capacity (7.6 liters), 3 gallon maximum capacity (11.3 liters), 5 gallon maximum capacity (18.9 liters)
  • Empty Weights: 11.5 oz (1 Gallon); 15.6 oz (2 Gallon); 21 oz (3 Gallon); 28 oz (5 Gallon)
  • Dimensions (flat and unfilled): 19.5″ long x 9.5″ wide (1 Gallon); 22″ long x 11.24″ wide (2 Gallon); 22″ long x 14″ wide (3 Gallon); 30″ long x 15″ wide (5 Gallon)
  • Rolled diameter (empty): approximately 4-10″
  • Filler neck is standard size, fits “universal” spouts such as EZ-Pour
  • Materials & Construction: Welded film bladder sewn into ballistic nylon sleeve with webbing daisy chain anchor points and handles.
  • Made in U.S.A.

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