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Highmark by Snowpulse


Highmark Guide 3.0 P.A.S. Avalanche Airbag

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Highmark Guide 3.0 P.A.S. Avalanche Airbag

The Highmark Guide 32L P.A.S. Avalanche Airbag is the largest avalanche airbag in the fleet.  This premiere pack is designed with professional snowmobile guides and avalanche educators in mind. The Guide has ample room for first aid supplies, spare gear, emergency supplies, food and everything else you really need for a day out in the backcountry.

The Highmark Guide features the Snowpulse Protection Airbag System, which deploys around the head, neck and chest, offering extra protection to the areas that need it most. Because trauma to these vital areas can result in injury and death during an avalanche, protecting them as well as offering buoyancy is a crucial part of the Protection Airbag System.

Built in the same fashion as the Highmark Pro, the Guide is everything you need in an avalanche airbag if you’re passionate about having everything you need to stay safe in the backcountry.

Note that all Avalanche Airbags are sold without a cylinder. To complete the Avalanche Airbag, you'll need to also add on to your cart.

Want to do a safety check on your pack? Check out the Snowpulse Safety Check Page.


Smarter. Better.  Meet the ultralight, ultracompact avalanche airbag system from Snowpulse. Featuring an intuitive handle with adjustable height, new user-friendly set-up and the lightest, most compact system ever designed by Snowpulse.


In an emergency situation, deployment of the airbag needs to be fast and intuitive. Studies have shown that in an extreme situation, many users are over-challenged and do not manage to activate the airbag. Highmark by Snowpulse’s new deployment handle is more intuitive to operate and is also height-­adjustable.  This allows it to be adapted to the wearer’s body height. The deployment handle is now a bright orange colour to make it even more visible. Users will fold the handle into the shoulder strap to safe transportation when not in avalanche zones.


The Inflation System 3.0 found in the Highmark PRO describes the component used to deploy the airbag. The system activates the deployment mechanism which opens the pressure cartridge with a pin and fills the airbag. The integrated air volume amplifier also sends ambient air to the airbag in addition to the gas stored in the pressure cartridge. One of Snowpulse’s objectives for the new development was to bring the air volume amplifier and deployment mechanism together in a single housing in order to save space and weight. The inflation system is reliable, low-maintenance and extremely user-friendly: just screw the cartridge in and you’re ready to go!


The Snowpulse 3.0 is Snowpulse’s lightest airbag system of all time and weighs less than 1 litre of water. Consequently, at less than 1kg, this is the lightest system they have ever developed.


We hold Snowpulse’s Protection Airbag System (P.A.S.) to be the safety avalanche airbag shape available. The special shape of the airbag and its clever integration in different backpacks are unique features. The shape of the airbag protects the wearer’s head, neck and chest area from mechanical injuries. In the event of an avalanche, this ensures an optimal position by keeping the wearer’s head and upper body on the surface.

The Protection Airbag found in the Highmark PRO can not only help to prevent complete burial, but it also offers additional protection from mechanical injuries. In addition to the safety features, we have succeeded in designing a completely “removable” airbag system. Users can thus swap the system between several backpacks, choosing the most suitable backpack for the relevant application.

  • Volume: 32L
  • Weight: 6.05 lbs
  • Protection Airbag System
  • 3.0 Snowpulse Inflation System
  • Exterior shovel blade and handle carry
  • 3 main stow pockets
  • Hip belt pockets
  • Adjustable height hip belt
  • Radio pocket and attachments
  • Adjustable volume compression straps
  • Leg loop