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LCP 65cc Jet Kit

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LCP 65cc Jet Kit

*This is a special order item only. Please CONTACT US to see availability*

Contents/Function: The LCP JET KIT consists of only one main jet and one needle. It doesn't look like much but the LCP Jet Kit increases power by approximately 12%, that's HUGE! These bikes require a different needle with an improved taper, the LCP Jet kit has the "correct" needle and main jet (unlike other kits) with very specific instructions. ( No guess work! ). Carb and subframe removal are not necessary with the LCP Jet Kit unlike others. It also improves the child's confidence once the power becomes linear and predictable. Please let your child get used to the way the bike performs originally, (without kit), then install the LCP JET KIT and he or she will feel a HUGE difference!

Fuel/Oil: The kit is designed for stock bikes using 93 octane fuel and Motul 800 2T 100% synthetic oil at a 60:1 mixture ratio but, works with most modified bikes with minor adjustments. HIGH OCTANE RACE FUEL IS FOR MOTORS WITH INCREASED COMPRESSION ONLY!

Additional Mods: Most people are so satisfied with the results from this kit that they refrain from the purchase of other mods after this installation. Many mods increase peak horse power while sacrificing mid-range power. The jet kit is usually the only mod you'll ever need. Mid-range = corner control and that's where the race is won. Tune the motor, tune the suspension and tune the rider!

Installation: You don't have to know how to jet a bike, I did that for you. Just install it and you're done. The carb does NOT even have to be removed to install this kit. The installation takes about 30 minutes for a bike technician, 45 minutes for first time dads.

Make Model Years
Husqvarna TC 65
GasGas MC 65