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Matrix Concepts


Matrix Concepts Wireless Hour Meter

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Matrix Concepts Wireless Hour Meter

Features include:
  • The Matrix Concepts Wireless Hour Meter for any ATV, Dirt Bike, or Dual Sport. 
  • Uses the vibration from your engine to count hours. 
  • Built in Lock Mode. The Lock Mode prevents hours from accumulating during transportation.
  • Monitor the total hours and record a partial time so that you know when it is time to service your machine. 
  • Easily mounted by a double-sided 3M adhesive sticker anywhere that it can pick up your engine’s vibration. 
  • Waterproof sealed case.
  • Hour meter has a 4-year battery life.
  • Wireless and vibration activated for ease of use.

Programmed with 4 modes: (1) tot: Accumulates total running hours. (2) PAr: Records partial running time for a service interval (resettable). (3) SEN: Set the sensitivity high or low to fit your machines vibration. 4) Loc: Lock mode to prevent accumulating hours from transportation.