Pro Taper Micro Handlebar

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Pro Taper Micro Handlebar

For decades, youth riders have had to make do with handlebars and grips designed for adults. ProTaper's revolutionary Micro Handlebar Kit makes that a thing of the past. By employing recent advances in manufacturing techniques, ProTaper has innovated a handlebar conversion kit that offers a reduced-diameter handgrip area, complete with a matching aluminum throttle tube and soft, ⅓ Waffle grips. With the Micro Handlebar Kit, youth riders can more fully and comfortably grip their handlebars, leading to improved control and drastically reduced hand fatigue. The advanced, abrupt handlebar taper maintains a traditional ⅞" diameter everywhere else, allowing the use of stock handlebar mounts, lever controls, and switches. The Micro Handlebar Kit includes all parts necessary to complete the conversion, making it simple to directly install onto any 2-stroke minibike up to 85cc.

  • ⅞" tubing at the clamping area
  • Reduced-diameter handgrip area, perfect for small hands
  • Exclusive 2000 series T6 aluminum alloy handlebar construction
  • Cold-forged aluminum crossbar
  • CNC machined 6061 aluminum crossbar clamps adhered with aerospace-quality polymer
  • High-tech shot peened, stress-relieved, and anodized handlebar finish for unmatched durability
  • Left side handlebar knurling provides maximum grip adhesion
  • Chemically applied handlebar graphics are scratch- and peel-resistant
  • Included ⅓ Waffle Micro Grips are made using soft, synthetic rubber compound
  • Includes 2-piece anodized, knurled T6 aluminum alloy Micro throttle tube with 7 optional cams
  • Replacement parts available for individual purchase
  • Handlebar pad included
MX Bend A B C D E F

Schoolboy Low

673 75 51 137 42 175
Schoolboy Pro 699 79 72 145 46 174
Schoolboy High 673 85 60 102 40 177
Honda Mini 686 144 89 166 45 173
KTM 50 648 80 72 157 44 169
Cobra JR 664 84 55 146 45 157
Cobra SR 712 88 55 146 52 181 

Pro Taper Handlebar Dimensions

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