Loyalty Points

As a valued member of our Loyalty Program, all of your purchases will earn you rewards points that can be applied towards discounts on future purchases at BFDMOTO.ca.

LOGIN to view point balance, redeem points, and manage account

Earning Points

  • One point is earned per dollar spent in store or online
  • Points earned on purchases are available for use in your account 24 hours after your purchase is picked up or shipped

Using Points on Purchases

  • In Store: Ask to use points towards purchase at time of checkout
  • Online: Make note on order requesting that points be used towards purchase
  • Discount value is 5% of points balance:
    • $10 = 200 points
    • $20 = 400 points
    • $40 = 800 points
    • $50 = 1000 points
    • $100 = 2000 points
  • Points can only be used as a store credit. They cannot be redeemed for cash


  • Rewards Points can not be used to cover taxes or shipping charges. In addition, you will not accrue any points based on supplementary charges
  • Rewards Points are also not awarded on Sale Priced items, Motorcycles, certain specialty products such as WP Pro Components and Manufactures that have a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) No Discount Policy.


  • Any points acquired after a purchase have a shelf life. Exactly 1 year following the date when the points were added to your account, they will automatically expire and be removed from your balance.
  • To monitor your current reward points, simply log into your account. You’ll find a breakdown on the customer account page of total points along with their discount equivalent. There will also be a cumulative history of all acquired points, redeemed and expired, as well as notifications on upcoming expiration