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ATTRAXX 2.0 Re-Usable Oil Filter

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ATTRAXX 2.0 Re-Usable Oil Filter

​​What is it?
The ATTRAXX Oil Filter is a paperless filter that uses rare earth magnets to filter out oil contaminants. These magnets are installed inside a stainless steel encased magnetic rod with a radial field for optimized magnetic field strength. This increases filtering area and carrying capacity.

Features easy install, quick cleaning, and best of all, no tools required!
How does it work?
The ATTRAXX Oil Filter captures magnetic AND non-magnetic (non-ferrous) particles in 2 ways: Static Adhesion and Entrapment.
Static Adhesion (Static Charge) happens when oil is pumped through an engine - the ATTRAXX Oil Filter attracts the statically charged particle.
Entrapment occurs when an iron or other magnetic (ferrous) particle embeds itself in or on a non-magnetic particle. This particle becomes one magnetic contaminant and is picked up by the magnetic filter.
What are the benefits over paper or stainless filters?
  • Magnetic filter technology filters oil to a sub-micron level (less than 1 micron). Traditional paper options filter roughly 15 microns or more. Stainless options filter roughly 30 microns or more.
  • No flow restriction and high carrying capacity. Traditional filters create a back pressure which increases with particulate loading.
  • Easy to clean and re-usable. With a minimum 15 year life span and de-magnetized tip, this magnetic filter is faster and easier to clean than your air filter, while out lasting your bike.
  • See what’s on your filter. It’s easy to see how much material collects on the magnetic filter. This can also be an early indicator of premature engine or other component failure.
  • Extends oil life. In most cases engine oil only gets dirty (contaminated) due to particulate wear matter created by the engine. By improving filtration, you keep the oil clean and able to lubricate the engine properly with less wear.
Will it fit my bike?
  • ATTRAXX Oil Filters are currently available for all KTM & Husqvarna (2016 and up) off-road models