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AXP Racing Xtreme Skid Plate 23+ TC/TX/XC/SX

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AXP Racing Xtreme Skid Plate 23+ TC/TX/XC/SX

AXP Racing's Poly Skid Plate features a tough, thick 8mm poly plate that's designed to protect your Engine and Rear Shock Linkage. AXP's design utilizes aluminum mounting brackets which mount to existing skid plate mounts and frame points, unlike other skid plates that utilize engine mounting points. HDPE is a great material for skid plates because it's lightweight, durable, flexes on impact and slides over obstacles. Unlike Aluminum plates which are heavy, bend and more times than not cause annoying vibration noise caused by metal on metal contact at the mount.

  • Thick 8mm HDPE Material is incredibly tough and protective
  • Design incorporates linkage guard
  • Much lighter than Aluminum Plates
  • Slides off obstacles
  • Resilient HDPE material flexes instead of denting and distorting
  • All necessary mounting hardware included