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Camel ADV Shock Heat Shield - KTM 790

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Camel ADV Shock Heat Shield - KTM 790

Keep the heat out of your 790 shock with our heat-shield. A cooler shock improves your suspension performance and extends service intervals.

In order to meet Euro 5 emissions, KTM mounted a large catalytic converter on the 790. We're all for lower exhaust emissions but the CAT is located directly under the rear shock. The CAT can be several hundred degrees under normal bike operation and heat from the CAT increases the shock temperature. When the shock oil is overheated it goes through thermal breakdown. This process changes oil's viscosity which can lead to increased wear on moving parts and poor suspension performance referred to as heat-fade.

Our aluminum heat shield is TIG welded and ceramic-coated. It mounts between the bike's CAT and rear shock to lower the shock's operating temperature. Less heat from the CAT means the shock oil stays cooler, service intervals are extended, the effects of shock heat fade are reduced.

We've received lots of questions about the 790 ADV-R shock failures and the relationship to catalytic converter heat.  Camel ADV is not a suspension shop but we believe there are issues with the ADV R shock's internal parts as well as excessive heat from the CAT. If the problem were heat alone, the S models would be failing too but they don't seem to be or at least not in the same numbers.

Whether you have a 790 ADV-R, 790 ADV-S or are running the WP Pro components, keeping excessive heat out of them is critical to good suspension performance and longevity. However, our heat shield will not fix the ADV-R's underlying shock issue.