Grip Studs


Grip Studs Motorcycle Winter Tire Studs 3000B (Mini Studs)

Grip Studs Motorcycle Winter Tire Studs 3000B

Please note that aninstall toolis required for the Grip Studs Winter Tire Studs

For control, efficiency, safety and just plain fun, dominate your terrain with tough, dependable Grip Studs®. These wide–auger traction studs have holding power like no other screw-in tire stud. Grip Studs® tungsten-carbide construction, beefy design and easy installation put them in a class of their own. Varying depths and lengths ensure you'll experience ultimate traction from tires or boot soles on ice, snow, mud, slimy rocks, ocean vegetation or frozen pavement. Grip Studs® − unquestionably the best screw-in traction studs you can buy!

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  • Dimension: 7.9 X 11.4MM
  • Minimum Tread Depth: 5.9MM
  • Carbide Tip Width: 1.7MM