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Race Tech

SMRS 1210000

Race Tech Rebound Separator Valve

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Race Tech Rebound Separator Valve

The Race Tech Shock Rebound Separator Valves replace OEM Shock Shaft Nuts with an asymmetric valve that provides more damping restriction on compression than rebound.

The Rebound Separator Valve works on both Dirt and Street applications.

On standard shocks, the Lo-Speed Rebound Adjuster flows the same for compression and rebound. With the stock setup, testing shows that when the lowest speed rebound damping is quick enough to get good traction, the lowest speed compression damping is way too mushy.

  • In Dirt the Rebound Separator Valve solves the vague feeling as well as bottoming on long duration hits like big dips or gullies.
  • For Pavement the Rebound Separator Valves have the added benefit of pitch control (front to back movement during acceleration and braking). This keeps geometry more consistent.