Thermo-Bob 3 Snow Bike Thermostat - Husqvarna/KTM 450

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Thermo-Bob 3 Snow Bike Thermostat - Husqvarna/KTM 450

The KTM and Husky 450s are one of the most popular choices as a snow bike, and in those application, the lack of factory cooling system control leads to cold coolant temps.  The EFI system's temperature sensor sees cold coolant and overfuels, thinking the bike is constantly in 'warm-up' mode.  The Thermo-Bob is a machined aluminum housing with a 180°F (82°C) thermostat inside, and modifies your cooling system to operate like automotive systems have for decades... keeping coolant flowing all the time through the engine, but not through the radiators until it is up to a selected temperature. 

There is also a threaded port in the Thermo-Bob 3 that will accept aftermarket temperature gauges such as the TRAIL TECH 1/8-28 BSPP temperature sending units.
  • Trail Tech TTO Temperature Meter