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BFD Banter | Kale Cuthbertson

by BFD Online 05 Mar 2021 0 Comments
BFD Banter | Kale Cuthbertson

BFD Banter | Kale Cuthbertson #21

We are back for another edition of BFD BANTER. Second up on our list is the #21 of Kale Cuthbertson. I know this kid quite well so read up and see what the tall guy has been up to lately. 

Chase: Hey Kale! I obviously know you quite well because we live in the same house but let's share some things about you to everyone else. 

Kale: I am a 14 year old kid with a never ending love for riding dirt bikes. I have been riding for the past 12 years and I love every time I swing my leg over the seat. 


Chase: That's awesome! I bet everyone is glad to see that after 12 years of riding you are finally starting to remember to fill your bike up with gas... Anyway, what has been your biggest accomplishment in your racing career thus far?

Kale: Competing and racing in my first full motocross series (WRMA Fall Series) was pretty special to me as I have been competing and racing on the off-road side of things and have recently started to make the transition to motocross. Along with racing the series, I was able to podium the class championship in GP Junior and snag a round win!

Chase: Yeah you definitely turned up the heat last fall series. I spent quite a lot of time eating roost from your Husqvarna FC 250. Tell us about your favourite racing memory!

Kale: One memory that stands out the most to me is battling my brother Chase (Me) a whole moto and both of us giving everything we have. I passed him in what he considers a little too close for comfort and finished just ahead of him at the line.


Chase: I knew this one was going to come up. We had an awesome battle that I will probably never forget. On the last lap he dived in a bit close just before an uphill roller section and I couldn't get the TX 300 spooled up enough to out pull him. Lucky enough I was able to grab a moto from him the following weekend which I will never let him forget. Speed comes with hard work, what have you been doing this off-season to prepare?

Kale: I have been training with Coach Robb and Complete Racing Solutions from the states. It has been super awesome so far and I have made huge gains on and off the bike. I am definitely feeling good coming into the season!

Chase: He has been working very very hard which is awesome. Fitness is awesome for the long moto's but here is the question everyone has been waiting for... what percentage of hole shots do I pull on you this year?

Kale: Well for any pulp listeners... on the percentage pie its around 5-95%. You might get the odd practice hole shot on me but my Husky FC 250 will always put the power to the ground. 


Chase: Well that might not be all true, my 2020 TC 250 is going to be a fire breathing dragon down the start straight this year. Thanks for all of your time, let us know who you would like to thank this year!

Kale: All of this is possible because of my parents who support me to the max so I can't thank them enough.

-Husqvarna Canada


-BFD Moto

-Rad 2.0

-Complete Racing Solutions

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