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OEM Parts Finder for Motorbikes

by BFD Online 19 Jun 2023 0 Comments
OEM Parts Finder for Motorbikes

BFD Moto's OEM Parts Finder

Everyone needs parts for their bikes as it is part of our sport to keep the bikes running in top condition so you can continue to set the fastest lap times. Take a look into this blog so we can explain to you the advantages of ordering your parts online through us! BFD Moto is Canada's largest stocking dealer of OEM parts. (A detailed walk through at the bottom of this blog) 


What is this?

We have a section on our website called the "OEM Parts Finder." This wonderful little portal of parts is where you can find anything that comes from the factory for Husqvarna's, KTM's, Beta's, and Husaberg's. There is an extensive list of all the parts you will ever need to repair or replace anything on your bike. Ever feel that worrisome feeling you can get from ordering a specific bolt over the phone not knowing exactly if the person on the other side is looking at the same part? Now you can find it yourself and add it to the cart! From there, we can get it handled and you can get what you're looking for!

Why wouldn't I use Fortnine, RM ATV,  BTO, etc.

Here is where BFD Moto can help you! Places like Fortnine are not a dealer so they do not have access to the extensive OEM parts network that we have available. They can get aftermarket accessories like boots, tires, tools, etc. but do not have the ability to create a parts fiche for EVERYTHING on your bike no matter the type. Places like Rocky Mountain ATV MC does have the ability for parts schematics and to do the same thing as us. But wait... they can't ship to Canada! So there is no reason to go looking for parts when it is impossible to get them. 

Why do places like Rocky mountain ATV MC seem to have cheaper parts?

It appears that online retailers like this have cheaper parts but when you factor in our 10% savings, ability to get anything, free shipping on orders over $149 anywhere in Canada, and the USD/CAD exchange rate, our parts are equally matched or BETTER.


A Detailed Example Of How This Works

For this example we will be looking for a piston kit for a 2020 TX 300i. 

Step One: Click into our OEM Parts Finder and find your bike.


Step Two: Click on the proper parts schematic to find the piston. There is 40 options to choose from between the engine and the frame. 

Step Three: Locate your part

Step Four: Add to cart

The 10% discount will be applied after you hit "Checkout" 

Step Five: Pick-up part in store or get it shipped to you!

As always, feel free to reach us on our social media platforms @bfdmoto or call (403)-214-2850 if you have any questions. 


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