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C3 Engine Coolant Heated Handlebars

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C3 Engine Coolant Heated Handlebars


We raised the bar - CenterFlow, the clear #1!

    •Industry-exclusive INTEGRATED CONTROL - adjust the heat output with the custom flow-control valve mounted directly and conveniently at your cockpit!! You'll wonder how you ever lived without it
    •No-weld design, CNC precision machined internals. Industry-exclusive purpose-engineered manufacturing methods right from factory - not just modified off-the-shelf
    •Modifications are now done in the center area between the bar mounts, where the stress is essentially zero instead of the maximum
    •Guaranteed as strong or stronger than stock bars - top-grade 7000-series alloy with profiled wall thickness
    •Carefully thought-out custom bend - neutral and natural, not a weird banana-bar!
    •Superior customization, fit+finish, AND value


Nothing puts a damper on a ride day braaping though the snow quite like frozen hands... Never again!

C3's CenterFlow heated handlebars run warm engine coolant through your handlebars to keep your hands nice and toasty. Ditch the bulky mitts and reclaim perfect throttle and lever control. Superior design and better value compared to competitors.

The bend of these handlebars was specifically designed to have you feel right at home no matter which bars you were using before (we measured every OEM bar and made ours right in the middle) - the riding posture is neutral, natural, and reactive for quick posture adjustments with changing conditions and aggressive riding. For the numbers people, that's like 9 degrees of upsweep and 14 degrees of backsweep. Definitely very "normal", we get nothing but good feedback.

Warm-up is quick, and the heat output is never finicky like electric grips and much more powerful (tunable by the provided valve). 

These are ready to roll with built-in tapped ends for the C3 Handguards We also gave you a touch of standoff between the grips and basher bars to eliminate the hassle and safety concern of gloves getting pinched by the throttle. WILL fit most OEM mounts! But - bars are 1 1/8" "fat bar" diameter - may need risers to replace stock bar mounts on certain Honda and Kawasaki bikes. Certain one-piece bridged bar clamps (some KTM XCFs) are also incompatible without risers.