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C3 Panel Switch + TTO For One Piece Clamp

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C3 Panel Switch + TTO For One Piece Clamp

By popular demand - a panel for mounting switches, TTO Trail Tech gauges including temp voltmeter and hourmeter, and the stock KTM/Husky hourmeter to the C3 Powersports one-piece top clamps! The best riser + handguard setup around, now continue with the sleek and polished finishing touches in your cockpit and dashboard. Useful if you wire your LED light with a switch.

Includes the anodized sheet aluminum panel, 2 flush-mount flat head socket cap screws (you won't lose the option to put the TTO on the center of the top clamp itself), and 2 self-tapping screws for gauges (do not overtighten those - they should be considered "light-duty" but are enough to hold the gauge securely)