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C3 Powersports Booster Pack

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C3 Powersports Booster Pack

Don't get caught without power! Convenience and SAFETY make these a must-have.

We offer two sizes of booster packs to fit your personal needs - both are 2-year guaranteed quality and work great with an easy access boost harness.

The slim "Personal" version 7500 MAh pack is barely bigger than a smartphone but offers the high-power 200 continuous / 400 peak cold cranking amps to start your off-road vehicle 20 times or your 5.7 L gas engine once or twice. When your personal electronics die just plug them in and charge via USB.  Also a flash light with strobe function for safety. This model is comparable to the "XP-3" class and if you are thinking of carrying a personal power supply with you this is the one, weighing only 220g and dimensions of 135x76x14mm. Includes alligator clamps and USB-based charger.

Our 12000 MAh "Utility" pack with a NEW rugged-style case has the powers to start gas engines up to 6.0 L 20 or more times. It offers the perfect balance of size and power for the person that never has enough.  Compares to an "XP-1" and weighs at 500g and dimensions of 160x75x28mm. Includes alligator clamps, 2 different dedicated chargers, about a dozen adapters and such, all in a leather-style carrying case.

    •Charge all of your personal electronic devices

    •Portable illumination and S.O.S.

    •Output: 5V/2A, 12V/2A, plus 19V/3.5A on 12000 MAh model

    •Starting Current 200A

    •Peak Current 400A

    •24 month no hassle warranty from C3 Powersports in Canada

We've been riding with these and testing them hard for 4 years in Canadian winters and they are still going strong! We trust them, and you can too.