WP XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock PDS KTM EXC/XC 2017-2023 (12180U67SET)

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WP XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock PDS KTM EXC/XC  2017-2023 (12180U67SET)

WP XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock PDS KTM EXC/XC 2017-2023 (12180U67SET)

$2,853.01 $2,099.00

WP XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock PDS KTM EXC/XC 2017-2023 (12180U67SET)

$2,853.01 $2,099.00

WP XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock Absorber - PDS KTM EXC/XC 2017-2023


*These are available for purchase online but subject to a $25 oversize shipping charge*

The XPLOR PRO 8946 Shock is unaffected by all the obstacles the terrain throws at it. Due to the highly innovative SUPERTRAX technology, the rebound speed can be optimized via adjusters after a lift off of the rear wheel and the time without ground contact can be drastically reduced. This means that enduro riders with the XPLOR PRO 8946 SHOCK are back on the throttle faster and dig their rear wheel into the dirt. Reduced motorcycle compression and a more upright riding position reduces the physical stress on the rider and ensures a crucial advantage in competition.

  • Increased control and a more comfortable driving experience
  • Individual adjustability of the rebound movement
  • More grip and traction of the rear wheel and therefore improved acceleration
  • SUPERTRAX is used by factory team riders in Enduro, MX and Rally

  • PROGRESSIVE DAMPING SYSTEM: The Progressive Damping technology offers more ground clearance compared to the linked damping system and due to the size it saves a lot of weight.

    SUPERTRAX: The SUPERTRAX technology is a further development of the TRAX system. In addition, this technology offers more control and more comfort because the reaction time of the TRAX system can be adjusted individually.

    • Adjustable spring preload
    • Adjustable high-speed compression damping
    • Adjustable low-speed compression damping
    • Adjustable rebound dampingGreater grip and traction
    • Supertrax technology
    • Greater comfort

    Item is delivered with basic setting KTM 250 EXC TPI, 300 EXC TPI, 300 EXC, 250 EXC-F, 350 EXC-F, 250 XC-W, 300 XC-W, 350 XCF-W and 75 N/mm shock spring, further settings can be found under documents.

    Make Model Years
    KTM EXC/EXC-F Models/
    KTM XC-W/XCF-W Models

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