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2021 Husqvarna Stacyc Partnership | What YOU Need to Know | BFD Moto

by BFD Marketing 26 Jun 2020 0 Comments
2021 Husqvarna Stacyc eDrive

Get Your Little Ripper On Track With These New Models! 2021 Husqvarna Stacycs Electric Bikes.

Yesterday (June 25th) was a huge day for BFD Moto and Husqvarna as a brand! With the announcement of the nine strong mini and full size MY21 Husky MX lineup as well as the all new connectivity app, a large release was made directed towards the younger generation of racers. The new Stacyc Factory Husqvarna replica e bikes are a perfect fit for the philosophy of getting the young kids on a bike at an appropriate and safe time!  Read up on the rest of this blog to see how YOU can get your kid on a bike having fun without inducing as much grey hair and stress. (You're welcome parents) 

The entire riding community understands the joy and passion behind the sport with many people starting at a very young age. In the motocross community you see the little rippers getting stuck in ruts and having their head bob back every time they hit the throttle because their bike is too overpowered. (Parents are running around like crazy to save their little ones) In the off-road community you see the parents running multiple kilometres with a dog leash attached to the back of the small fenders making sure their little one does not hit any trees... (Ouch!) The industry has now taken a massive step forward with the introduction of these electric powered bikes. They are perfect for the very first bike of a riders journey as they will teach the essential basics such as balance, hand eye coordination, and throttle control. Once the little ripper grows confident and is riding safe enough to transition to a larger bike, the EE-50 is the perfect fit to continue the journey! 

The two bikes that were released are the Stacyc eDrive 12 and the Stacyc eDrive 16! These bikes feature two modes to ensure maximum safety for every child. They can first benefit from the non powered mode where they can pick up essential skills with the maximum speed controlled by the energy in their legs. The second mode is an electric assist where they can learn about throttle control which helps continue expanding the limitless fun of a powered bike. 


The Optimal Sizing

Stacyc eDrive 12 = 14" Inseam = 12" Wheels = Less Power

Stacyc eDrive 16 = 18" Inseam = 16" Wheels = Little Bit More Power


We will be carrying these bikes in our showroom at BFD Moto soon! Feel free to contact us through our social media or come into the shop for more information! 

(Ps. Do not let your little ripper see this blog or else you will never hear the end of when they will be getting their new bike! Husqvarna Stacycs for the win!) 

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