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Canada Day Chatter: American Pro Motocross 2020 | BFD Moto

by BFD Marketing 01 Jul 2020 0 Comments
Canada Day Chatter: American Pro Motocross 2020 | BFD Moto

American Pro Motocross: BFD MOTO Inside Scoop

Welcome back to another blog! Today, we have something a bit different for your eager eyes. Change is great and we hope you are looking forward to reading the rest of this post in a slightly different format and subject than the last two! (If you have not read about the Stacycs or the WP Suspension deal... you better get on it) At the time of viewing it is currently Canada Day and the entire team at BFD wishes you and everyone around you a safe and enjoyable Wednesday! The American Pro Motocross championship is returning for 2020 slightly delayed and altered from the original schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but race fans are ready to watch (and even attend) a couple of rounds this year. We have three big questions that everyone is thinking of right now and our own take on the answers below! #BFDbenchrace2020

Jason Anderson Pro Motocross

1. How will the Husky trio perform this year?

We may be slightly biased while determining our favourite brand competing in the Pro Motocross series but all motocross fans are eager to see what this team can do. The Husqvarna trio of Jason Anderson, Zach Osborne and Dean Wilson are going into this year's championship with full momentum, great health, and one of the highest quality bikes on the circuits. Coming off of a full 450SX podium sweep at the final round of SLC SX, the Husqvarna team is looking to turn some heads after small struggles since Jason Anderson's supercross championship in 2018. Anderson is always solid outdoors with his smooth and flawless style, showing bursts of speed throughout his 450 career but never being able to put it all together. Osborne has been on fire lately looking to show the top guys in the class that he can contend with them and chase wins. Wilson is a true fan favourite, he is fully healthy, prepared, and is coming off of a podium finish at SLC SX. These three guys could potentially throw a major mix up into the 450 championship with all three riders capable of grabbing top-fives week in and week out. The entire team at BFD will be cheering for these guys and we hope you are too. 

2. Will Eli Tomac be able to 4-peat?

There is no doubt right now throughout the entire industry that Eli Tomac currently is and will be one of the greatest riders in Pro Motocross history. Coming off of his first 450 premier Supercross championship he potentially holds the most momentum and confidence out of the entire class. Due to his diligent style, high-level race craft and raw speed he is clearly one of the favourites for the title but nothing is set in stone until that last checkered flag is waved as he has a list of fierce competitors including Webb, Roczen, Musquin, Anderson, Osborne, and much more. This year will be one for the memory books with or without the Eli Tomac Pro Motocross 4-peat!

3. Can KTM reach the top of the board with their lineup? (Return of Marvin Musquin)

If there isn't already hundreds of questions regarding the championship due to the global pandemic plus the added interest of the minimal break between the supercross and motocross series the anticipation is beginning to build as the KTM team of 2019 Supercross champion Cooper Webb and the heavy-hitting french rider of Marvin Musquin are set to compete for the entire series. Musquin had to retire from the entire supercross championship late this year due to an injury sustained in a practice crash but is prepared for the motocross series as a contender for the title. It will be incredibly interesting to watch this team fight for the championship and the top spot of the KTM roster. Be sure to keep an eye on these Austrian bikes at the top of the boards catching moto wins along the way. 

Marvin Musquin

We hope you enjoyed this different formatting of the weekly blog! Let us know on all of our social media channels on what you think of both this style for the week and your input on the 2020 championship!

Instagram: @bfdmoto


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