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2022 Holiday Gift Guide | BFD Moto

by BFD Online 16 Nov 2022 0 Comments
2022 Holiday Gift Guide | BFD Moto

2022 Holiday Gift Guide | BFD Moto

Welcome back! The BFD Moto holiday gift guide is back for yet another year with all the hot products, new arrivals, and tips to help ease the stress of holiday gift shopping. The holiday season is full of posters, billboards, emails, Instagram ads and so much clutter trying to pull you in all directions. To help this problem and give you more time to ride instead of searching around the internet, we have compiled four easy price categories with all of our favorite products. Read on and let us know what you think! #TEAMBFD

$0-$50 Collection

Perfect for stocking stuffers or small gifts... these products will get you to the top of the list with anybody who likes to hit the dirt (or snow.) It's awesome that we have some epic products here at the shop that are under $50... it doesn't get much better then these!

$50-$150 Collection

This category is our most popular for gifts. Trust us, a new pair of goggles, a tool kit, or an MX stand will light excitement in your family member/friend and you will get to see the joy as they think about their bike and how they are going to use their new gift! These products are something you can actually use. Skip out on the holidays cards that will just sit on the table, get your rider excited!

$150-$300 Collection

Now we are getting into the good stuff! There is no way these gifts won't be at the very top of the list with your rider as they are awesome and all something that every rider wishes they had.

$300-$500 Collection

These products are a great way to steal the spotlight from any other relatives/friends. You will be put right at the very top of the gift giving list with these. We get it, everyone wants to have the bragging rights of "best gift" and with these products, you will most likely take the crown.

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