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Gummy Dirt Bike Tire Buyers Guide | BFD Moto

by BFD Online 28 Mar 2022 0 Comments
Gummy Dirt Bike Tire Buyers Guide | BFD Moto

Gummy Dirt Bike Tire Buyers Guide | BFD Moto

For the type of off-road riding that we find here in Alberta, the right tire choice can truly make or break your experience. We have seen an explosion in gummy tire popularity as riders of all styles want to increase traction on terrain that was previously un-rideable. These soft and sticky tires have taken the top step in the off-road racing world from the former trials tire style that many racers were using years ago. The trial tire knob structure would get clogged with mud and could not handle acceleration or braking like a stock tire but the super-soft and flexible knobs that the new gummy tires offer are a huge game changer. The gummy tires that we carry here at BFD Moto have varying sizes of lugs and knob spacing and provide a wider range of traction. We will be breaking down the five gummy off-road tires that we carry here and find the most success with. (Tires in no particular order)


Mitas XT-754 Green Stripe:

Size: 120/90-18

Price: $163.99

Rubber Compound: Soft

Available For Purchase Here

Mitas XT-754 Super Light features an extremely aggressive tread design with high tread knobs and semi-soft long-lasting compound. It delivers a fantastic performance on any loose surface and resists cutting and tearing even on the roughest trails.


Mitas Terraforce EH Double Green:

Size: 140/80-18

Price: $220.95

Rubber Compound: Very Soft

Available For Purchase Here

Mitas TERRA FORCE-EH Super Soft delivers peak performance on extremely rocky and wet surfaces, which makes it an excellent choice for vertical climbs and extremely challenging technical sections riders may face in extreme enduro races. It features a soft carcass and an ultra-soft sticky ("gummy") tread compound.


Dunlop AT-81 EX:

Size: 110/100-18

Price: $158.00

Rubber Compound: Soft

Available For Purchase Here

The AT81EX Endurocross tires offer more all-around performance plus higher levels of ruggedness for off-road racing and riding. Exceptional performance and high-durability compound resists block chunking and tearing. Shoulder knobs with lateral grooves provide additional biting edges and allow for more flexibility and impact absorption with enhanced puncture and cut resistance. The EX was developed for use in Endurocross racing and has a unique “gummy” compound giving exceptional grip in extreme conditions.


Michelin Xtreme Enduro Tire:

Size: 140/80-18

Price: $228.99

Rubber Compound: Extremely Soft

Available For Purchase Here

The Michelin Enduro Xtreme Rear Tire is a tough, race-proven performance tire for your power wheel. The Enduro Xtreme Tire earned a winning title at the 2019 Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo and scored podium finishes at the Hixpania Hard Enduro and American Hard Enduro. The high grip, extremely pliable tread carcass actually has its roots in development of Michelin trials tires. The top level power delivery was then cross-adapted to enduro applications with the Enduro Xtreme. This tire is the official tire of Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Enduro Riders Graham Jarvis, Billy Bolt and Alfredo Gómez.


Shinko R505 Cheater:

Size: 120/100-18

Price: $138.77

Rubber Compound: Soft

Available For Purchase Here

Hybrid Cheater hard terrain Enduro / Extreme single track trail tire finds traction in the most extreme conditions—it's almost like cheating! The Cheater Hybrid is a soft, sticky trials style rubber compound on a moto-style carcass


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