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2025 Timbersled Snowcheck - Preorder Today!

by BFD Online 21 Mar 2024 0 Comments

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Preorder your new Timbersled during SnowCheck to get exclusive colors, the best warranty of the year, and $400 in accessories. Now through April 17th.

2025 Timbersled SnowCheck Highlights

Versatility for Every Riding Style

All-New Limiter Strap

​New for 2025 is the introduction of a removeable limiter strap on all RIOT models that allows riders to customize their ride for their preferred riding style or snow conditions. For a more precise and technical riding style, easily install the limiter strap in less than 15 minutes. Or, if you want the full rowdiness of the RIOT, simply remove the limiter strap, turn the rear shock to soft get ready for the most dirt bike-like ride on snow.

RIOT Gen 2 Platform

Lightweight suspension

The Timbersled RIOT 3 Gen 2 delivers the most dirt bike-like experience on snow. Equipped with a 3" track, the Timbersled RIOT 3 is born ready to climb, wheelie, and jump through the deepest snow. ​The suspension design has an overall 3lb weight reduction with a lightweight narrow single-arm design and a narrow rail system that takes snow biking to the next level.

Industry Leading Suspension for the Ultimate Ride

The IBP QS3 shocks from FOX Racing® set the standard for snow bike performance. The Internal Bypass (IBP) design is position sensitive, reacting to where the shock is in the stroke delivering a smooth ride over rough terrain. The lightweight design reduces critical unsprung mass and improves the overall performance of the Timbersled with three quick select compression settings for a custom ride style while maintaining bottom-out resistance. RIOT is designed to be playful but also includes a lock-out base valve on the rear shock (designated by the blue QS3 knob) that helps make climbing steep terrain easier.

How SnowCheck Works

SnowCheck is a Spring preorder program that grants riders access to the latest and greatest in the world of Timbersled. From now until April 17th, you have access to new and exclusive options like PRO and S PRO trims to take you riding to the next level, and a selection of colors so you can look good doing it


What is SnowCheck?

Timbersled SnowCheck offers customers a chance to preorder a 2025 Timbersled System to receive delivery in fall of 2024. SnowCheck offers exclusive color options for customers that are not available at any other time of the year.

When and where do I actually finalize my order?

You must visit your local dealer (BFD Moto) to complete the order and submit a deposit.

Do I have to pay anything when I SnowCheck a Timbersled System?

To place a SnowCheck order, you must provide us with a minimum $500.00 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit prior to April 13, 2024.

When will I be able to pick up the Timbersled System I SnowChecked?

2025 SnowCheck Timbersled Systems will ship in Fall 2024. SnowCheck customers will receive an email when their system has shipped, and they can also contact us for updates.

What models are SnowCheck Exclusive?

RIOT 3 models in the orange, white, and red color options are SnowCheck Exclusive.

Pay deposit here


Call us! 403-214-2850

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