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BFD Motocross Graphic Kits by M7 Designs Corp.

by BFD Online 21 Mar 2024 0 Comments
M7 Designs
M7 Designs Graphic Kits are specifically designed for the Motocross industry to stand up to the abuse and demand put on them!  Our Flo Air release vinyl helps you install your graphics with ease, and our 21 Mil thickness gives durability while still conforming to the curves modern plastic have.

Below are BFD designs for Husqvarna and GasGas:


Customize your colors by telling M7 Designs what colors you would like to see!

Production Time 3-5 Days from Approval then shipped.

They have most MX Company logo's already on file. Send them your personal logo's in Vector format.

  • Pit Bike - 50cc
  • Small Bike - 65cc - 100cc / 150cc 4 stroke
  • Big Bike - 125cc - 450cc / 500cc

Order BFD Husky Race 24 on their website today! Click Here


Order BFD GasGas 24 on M7 Designs website: Click Here

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