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BFD Banter | Rylan Sawyer

by BFD Online 10 Feb 2021 2 Comments

BFD Banter | Rylan Sawyer #171

Welcome to our brand new addition to our blogs. We decided to mix it up a bit and start to truly get the inside information from some of our awesome BFD Moto riders. First up we have the #171 of Rylan Sawyer. Dig into this blog to learn the inside scoop from this little racer.


Chase: Hey Rylan! You're the first rider for our new blog. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Rylan: I am nine years old and I started riding in May of 2019. My dad bought my brother and I KTM 50's after we talked about getting the family into racing. I had a P Dub 50 when I was three but I hit a fence so I haven't touched it since. I race both AMSA MX and AMSA off-road, I ended up winning every off-road event we went to and the championship in my class! When the main riding season was finished up, we heard about the Future West Arenacross series and wanted to try it out. It was pretty scary at first, but once I found my groove I ended up on the podium with a 3rd overall!


Chase: That's awesome! We all love to see people hit it hard early on which really gets the ball rolling! I remember seeing some awesome content from the KTM JR Supercross thing they had going on in Atlanta 2020 Tell us a little bit about that.

Rylan: I was selected to race the KTM JR Supercross and it was the best experience of my life! Meeting all the pro riders I looked up to and getting to race the same track as them was amazing! 

Rylan was able to podium the KTM JR race. 15 kids all around the states battling it out on a real supercross track.

Chase: That's super crazy. I know the feeling you get sitting in the stands so I could only imagine what it would be like to race it. Keep in mind everyone, Rylan podiumed this race! Alright, it sounds like your first little bit in the racing scene was fairly eventful. Now, with the current pandemic we are in it's difficult to plan but give us a little insight as to what you have coming up here in 2021!

Rylan: Yeah, with COVID and travel restrictions it is definitely messing with some of our plans. I missed Walton last year because of an injury, so that's something we really want to do. Besides that, we are planning on racing both MX and Off-road in the summer. Everything is up in the air for racing and classes so we will see as more time passes. Other then the local spring and fall series at WRMA, that is about all we have for plans this year so far.

Injuries are part of our sport and this kid has been developing the grit! Keep your eye out for Rylan at Walton next year as he keeps ripping it up!

Chase: It's definitely tricky to plan this year but hopefully it all works out. It is rad to watch you rip it up at the Super Series at WRMA. Do you have any favourite riders? Locally/International let me know!

Rylan: That's a tough one. Locally, I would have to say Josh Gedak. Josh is so naturally talented and he was also my trainer which was awesome. My favourite local off-road rider would have to be Trystan Hart. It is sweet to see a Canadian riding for a factory team and winning. Trystan has always been super nice when we see him at the races. Class act!

Trystan Hart is on Factory Red Bull KTM this year. Recently winning the 2021 King of the Moto's event. The future is glistening.

Chase: Josh and Trystan are both class acts. I have been around the whole Hart family a bit... all awesome people! Alright let's get to the real important question everyone is looking for. Do you have any fantasy supercross tips? Your whole family seems to be doing awesome and I am in 100th place in the BFD League... I think it must just be the mental game for me.

Rylan: Haha, fantasy has been tough this season! No real tips, the field is so deep. It's really all about luck if you ask me! Maybe just go with your gut, don't change your picks after qualifying just because a couple of your picks didn't qualify well. That is my best tip! Lol. 


Chase: Ahhh yeah I have been getting a little unlucky for sure. I keep getting tricked with Webb qualifying in so many different places. Roczen is just on it so far. Hey buddy, thanks for the interview! I definitely learned something about you and I hope everyone else did too! Let us know some of the people who support you.

Rylan: There is so many people I would like to thank. First of all, my mom and dad for getting me to all the events, fixing my bikes, and keeping it positive and fun. It was my first year riding for BFD Moto and I don't ever plan to leave. Everyone there, yourself, Dean, Lexi, Gino, Boston, Derek and everyone else. Husqvarna Canada has also been super involved and supportive. I would like to thank my other sponsors as well!

ASV Inventions
Nihilo Concepts
Guts Racing 
Parts Canada
Flo Motorsports 
Matrix Concepts 
Pro Circuit
Rekluse Canada 
Mongoose Machine 
Wrist brace guy 
Mika Metals
Dt1 filters 
Ryno Power 
Works Connection 
Atlas Brace 
Sosa Originals 


Everyone go check out Rylan on social media: @Rylansawyer171

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26 Feb 2021 Norman Thibeault

It’s very exciting just reading his profile. What a talented young individual. A lot of credit has to be given to Nicole and Jason for the dedication, time and money involved in Rylan’s dream. Very proud of you and your family.

26 Feb 2021 Rylan Sawyer

Awesome! Thanks so much BFD Crew! 👊

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