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2020 Holiday Gift Guide V2 -Under $100 Stocking Stuffers

by BFD Online 22 Dec 2020 0 Comments
2020 Holiday Gift Guide V2 -Under $100 Stocking Stuffers

Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide was a pretty big hit. Published a month before the holidays, we wanted to make sure everyone had lots of time to get their shopping done as products were flying off the shelf. Now here we are a couple days before we close for the holidays, and if you're like most people you are maybe just a little bit behind on the gift ideas. No need to worry, here at BFD Moto we have your back... here is our list of ten stocking stuffer items under $100! (In order from cheapest to most expensive)


1. 100% Air Freshener 

Price: $3.99

Starting off our stocking stuffer gift ideas is this perfect little gift that everyone who rides will enjoy. Who doesn't need an awesome smelling air freshener for their vehicle? (With a bonus of being in the shape of motocross goggles!!) This gets me excited just writing this and we are only on the first idea. 


Shop 100% Air Freshener's Here


2. Husqvarna Grip Donuts

Price: $8.39

Everybody needs some grip donuts! There is three positive parts about gifting some grip donuts to anybody; 1. They are universal and can be used by anyone, 2. They are cheap, 3. You won't have to listen to any complains about blisters on their thumbs anymore. 

Trust me, its worth the $9 to not have to listen about thumb blisters anymore.

Shop Husqvarna Grip Donuts Here


3. Husqvarna Face Mask

Price: $9.60

 When we say everybody needs some grip donuts that is just hypothetical. Not everyone truly needs them (they should have them though... thumb blisters) but everyone needs a mask! During these crazy days, it is one more thing you need to remember while leaving the house. Stay safe going into the new year with an affordable face mask!


Shop Husqvarna Face Masks Here


4. Maxima SC1 Silicone Detailer

Price: $17.95

Personally, I think this is the best item on the entire list, so much in fact I might send this to my family as soon as this gets published. If you have ever used SC1, you know exactly why everyone loves it. It is branded as "new bike in a can" and it smells amazing. You can use it on almost everything and it will shine it up to brand new!


Shop Maxima SC1 Silicone Detailer Here


5. Husqvarna Logo Cap

Price: $24.99 (Save $17.00)

You can't go wrong with a hat. If you're just looking for something small as a gift they will use every single day, this is it. Fully adjustable, and looks great!


Shop Husqvarna Logo Cap Here


6. Motorex Moto Clean

Price: $24.99

This is a great pair with the SC1 Silicone Detailer. If you know someone who either hates washing bikes because it's so much work, or goes above and beyond to keep their ride sparkly, this will be perfect for them. It is super effortless, and shines plastic up very nice. Paired with some Silicone Detailer, there is opportunity to return a bike to that "factory new"


Shop Motorex Moto Clean Here


7. ODI Lock On Grips

Price: $29.99-$39.99

 These are great stocking stuffers. Everyone who rides always needs another pair of grips because sooner then later, they will become worn out and ripped. There is nothing worse then riding with slippery grips so why not jump on the idea now!


Shop ODI Lock On Grips Here


8. Gloves 

Price: $36.00-$55.00

If there is any small item that you will come pick up from BFD before the holidays, it is Grip Donuts! They have been mentioned many times in this blog already for no reason at all except that I have convinced myself I need to buy another pair. Without grip donuts come ripped gloves, so why not get those too?


Shop Gloves Here


9. 100% Accuri 2'S

Price: $69.99-$89.99

What better then a fresh set of goggles to start the year off. With this new generation of 100% Accuri goggles, your favouroite rider will be set for all types of conditions. They also come with the option of a clear lens, or a tinted lens. 


Shop 100% Accuri 2'S Here


10. BFD Digital Gift Card

Price: $25-$100

If you still aren't sure what to get them, grab a digital gift card from BFD Moto! This is good for anything in the store and you will just receive an email with a link to a digital card. 

Shop BFD Digital Gift Cards Here

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