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Innovative Corner | Scott E-Bike Genius 910 | BFD Moto

by BFD Marketing 08 Jul 2020 0 Comments
Innovative Corner | Scott E-Bike Genius 910 | BFD Moto

The Future of Pedal Bikes is here at BFD Moto. Scott E-Bike 910. 

The new Scott E-Bikes are innovation at its finest. Do you have the constant craving for two wheels and want to get an awesome cross-training session on a pedal bike but just don't find the same satisfaction that you get after a long dirtbike ride? If so, continue reading up on this weeks edition of the BFD Moto blog to find how you can take your training to an all-new level with an E-Bike today! 

Innovative Corner Volume No.1

The pictured bike in this edition of "Innovative Corner" is the Scott Genius 910 electric bike. These bikes are the perfect fit for any type of riding style, rider size, experience, and much more. The wave of electric bikes is just starting to rise as many people are discovering the amount of distance they can cover with a slightly smaller amount of effort while still getting in the intense workout of a non-assisted mountain bike. With features like adjustable pedal assist and walk-assist, these bikes are aimed at all different types of people on and off the trail.


 What's The Deal With These?

There is always constant debate over whether E-Bikes are considered "in" as they sway slightly away from the age-old mentality of an old-school mountain biker that any assistance other than from your own body is not considered truly riding. Everyone likes to say that until they hop on one of these stellar bikes and experience what it's like to have a little bit of electrical assistance in those tricky spots. The bikes are easily controllable allowing the rider to add as much or as little pedal assist as they need in their current situation. Whether you want to go ride downhill trails and use some assist on the gnarly climb up or you just prefer a little bit of assist on the flat trails to pick up some more distance over a shorter amount of time, these E-Bikes are perfect for you!

Sounds Awesome! Now, How Do I Find Them?

Now, this is where you are getting lucky. We have these in stock at BFD! Our quantity is limited as they are very popular but we have this blue Genius 910 sitting in our showroom just waiting for the right owner to take it out for rides! 

Check out our entire E-Bike lineup here!


For a full view of this 910 bike, view our Bike Check: Scott Genius 910 E-Bike | BFD Moto Youtube video! (Premiering Thursday July 9th)

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