Red Bull Rocks & Logs

June 30, 2017 1 min read

Red Bull Rocks & Logs

Red Bull Rocks & Logs was on center stage at Wildrose MX Park this past weekend, check out the BFD riders in action!


Congrats to all of our BFD Moto riders! 

+30A Final

1st. Kevin Dupuis

2nd. Clint Boos

3rd. Stephen Foord

+40A Final

1st. Stephen Foord

2nd. Nathan Knox

3rd. Ryan Middleton

Expert Final

1st. Kevin Dupuis

2nd. Spencer Wilton

3rd. Luke Sydor

Pro Final 

1st. Kyle Redmond

2nd. Colton Haaker

3rd. Trystan Hart

4th. Wyatt Hart

5th. Kevin Dupuis

Womens Final

1st. Tarah Gieger

2nd. Shelby Turner

3rd. Melissa Harten



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