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Tested: Lectron High Velocity Carburetor

by BFD Marketing 18 Jul 2017 0 Comments
Tested: Lectron High Velocity Carburetor

The last thing that I want to do when I show up to a race is mess around with jetting my bike. It is not an overly difficult task, however it can be time consuming and frustrating. That's where the Lectron carburetor comes in. The big idea behind it is that rather than using a pilot, needle, and main jet it uses a metering rod that adjusts for the proper amount of fuel at different throttle openings.

I installed the Lectron 38mm High Velocity carb onto my 2015 250SX, replacing the reliable stock 36mm Keihin PWK. The installation is pretty straightforward and took me less than an hour. I was skeptical about trimming my airboot to make it fit, however the carb is bigger than the Keihin and was kinking the boot. Not all bikes will require this modification so make sure to give it a test fit before you start trimming!

Before even making it onto the track, I immediately noticed the difference in the throttle pull. It is a little stiffer than the stock setup but it did not take very long to get used to. Once on the track, the throttle response was much smoother and the power was very predictable. Coming out of corners in second and third gear felt like I had much more control over the rear wheel and could give it more gas and less clutch rather than slowly coming on to keep traction. I also found that the bike had less of a "power band hit" and more of a strong "4 stroke like" pull. The top end and over-rev of the bike was improved over stock as I was able to pull further in each gear before it signed off.

The big test for the carb was the MRSI Challenge hare scramble, which is about 1500-2000 feet higher in elevation than the Calgary MX track. From the first kick to the last leg of the race, the carb pulled hard and the smooth power band made it easy to ride in the tight, technical terrain. I found that the longer pull in each gear helped out because I didn't have to shift as often. I felt that it ran pretty rich from 0-1/2 throttle, however having not adjusted anything out of the box, I didn't stress too hard about it. I have since adjusted the metering rod slightly leaner and it has solved the rich feeling in the first half of the range. Another benefit of the Lectron was the fuel usage, as after 2 hours of race pace I still had more than half of my fuel left. 

If you are looking for a solution to your improperly jetted bike, the Lectron carburetor is a great solution. It runs just as clean as a well jetted bike, however the big benefit is the range in altitude and temperature it can adjust for. After 10 engine hours with this carburetor, I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is fed up with their jetting, and the Lectron will be a permanent fixture on my bike for the rest of the season!


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