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Showroom Shiner | Gas Gas Trials Bikes | BFD Moto

by BFD Marketing 30 Jul 2020 0 Comments
Showroom Shiner | Gas Gas Trials Bikes | BFD Moto

Is it a dirtbike? A pit bike? A trick bike? We answer some of your questions HERE! BFD Moto Blog

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The time has come to learn about these wicked mysterious bikes. As this article is being written, there are always customers coming into BFD Moto looking at these bikes with small amounts of prior knowledge of them with a puzzled, curious face. You can see the wheels spinning as they wonder what this work of wonder is until they get the friendly BFD Moto welcome from one of our staff members, "Is there anything you need a hand with today?" 

They then look around, sometimes slightly confused as the bold red look of these trials bike has taken them into some sort of bike trance until they ask "What is this?" It's time today on the BFD Moto blog as you might be that customer... even though all of us get lost checking this thing out sometimes. 


What is this bike made for?

Trials is a sport that is predominantly popular in European countries. It takes superior bike control, balance and agility to perform without a fault, which many riders are capable of. From the outskirts, the world's top riders perform superhuman acts as they fly in the air atop of small little pieces of material without falling to the ground. On a non-world-class scale, trials is a sport of consistency. Small areas are laid out labelled as "sections" and the rider must ride their trials bike through the course without touching their feet on the ground, rolling backwards, stalling, or falling over. The classes range from beginner to pro and the rider with the least amount of points (feet down) at the end of the day wins the overall. 

So what are the specs? 

At BFD Moto we are carrying the TXT 300, 280, 250, and 125 trials bikes on our showroom floor. The manufacture makes sure that there is a bike for everyone to progressively move up the rankings and get more comfortable on these bikes. 

For example, here are the specifications of our TXT 300: 

  • Engine: Single-cylinder 2-stroke, liquid-cooled
  • Displacement: 294,1 cc
  • Bore/Stroke: 79 x 60 mm
  • Gearbox: 6-speed gearbox with GG 4/6 technology
  • Clutch: GG 1/3 hydraulic-diaphragm-system
  • Emission: Carburetor and admission by reed valve
  • Frame: Chrom-Molybdenum tubular frame
  • Swingarm: Aluminium, Progressive linkage system
  • Front Fork: TECH with aluminum bar Ø 39, 180mm of travel. Rebound, end stroke and spring preload regulation
  • Shock Absorber: ÖHLINS hydraulic mono shock absorber (2 ways). Rebound and spring pre-load adjustable.
  • Suspension Travel: Rear-wheel travel 174 mm
  • Rim Type: In aluminum with spokes
  • RIM - TYRE Front: 1.6 x 21 - Michelin Trial X11 2.75 x 21
  • RIM - TYRE Rear: 2.15 x 18 - Michelin Trial X11 4.00 x 18 TL
  • Front Brake: 185mm disc NG WAVE floating, monoblock 4 pistons BRAKTEC calliper
  • Rear Brake: 150mm disc NG WAVE, auto stand system 2 pistons BRAKTEC calliper
  • Dry Weight: 67,5 Kg
  • Wheelbase: 1.320 mm
  • Seat Height: 630 mm

Okay, that seems awesome, but why would I want one?

Trials is not as popular over here in North America but that does not mean it is not prevalent. There are competitions all around and you can always find a trial enthusiast hanging around the bike shops. The way of thinking is changing in this current day and age and these bikes are beginning to fit that outlook very well.

Here are three reasons you should ride one of these bikes today:

1. A trials bike is a super powerful cross-training tool

It is not some crazy coincidence that the best technical off-road riders in the world have a strong past on a trials bike. They allow you to develop extreme balance and safe throttle/clutch control work that translates directly to a dirtbike. Anything you can learn on a trials bike first will come much easier on a dirtbike second. 


2. They are light and safe to build confidence on

The trials bikes are approximately 150 pounds without fuel and are designed for balance. Crashing a trials bike is virtually harmless and much less risk than having a crash on a full-size dirtbike. These nimble bikes can be positively used to develop full bike control before hopping on a dirtbike with minimal confidence of the controls. 


3. You can take these things anywhere!

These bikes are easy to work on, simple to load, and light enough to take up any trail! With their slim and solid design, you can take your trials bike anywhere you'd like. Everyone is getting so excited about 110 pit bikes but clearly they have never ridden a GasGas TXT 300 before.


Alright, that's a lot of reading for this article. Give your eyes a rest and watch the video below of Dean explaining some of the features of our TXT 300! If you have any more questions make sure to reach out on our social media or come down to the shop! We are always more than happy to talk trials bikes. 



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