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Showroom Shiner V2 | Husqvarna Stacyc E-Bikes | BFD Moto

by BFD Marketing 18 Aug 2020 0 Comments
Showroom Shiner V2 | Husqvarna Stacyc E-Bikes | BFD Moto

Husqvarna Stacyc E-Bikes: The Future is in the Showroom!

Rider = Jaxon Sawyer @jaxsawyer717

If you read our blog on June 26th you would have seen that our shop was going to be carrying the all new Stacyc eDrive electric Husqvarna Factory replica bikes. We are here to tell you that they have arrived and to answer all of the questions you may have over these exciting bikes. Dive deeper into this blog article to read up on this good news... and besides, the world always needs a little bit of positive information during these days!

Why are these bikes so popular?

There are many reasons that you need to swing by the shop right now or call to reserve yours because these little things are super popular but we can list off a few more for you just in case you were looking for some answers. 

1. It is the perfect beginner bike to teach your young ripper the essentials

Sometimes putting a youngster on a dirt bike can be nerve-wracking (mostly for the parent) because the size, ability to gain speed so quickly, and that it can be dangerous in situations where throttle and general bike control just have not been developed. With the 12eDrive and the 16eDrive your little ripper can develop throttle control, balance, bike control, and it is much less risky if there is a minor crash because it is lower to the ground for more stability. 

2. The price point has barely altered to this new version

The price between the older all black Stacyc bikes and the all new Husqvarna edition is only approximately $150. Money can't buy happiness... but it can for your kid! #factorystyle 

3. They are the coolest looking small bikes out there

I don't even think we need to explain this one... need a picture? Look below for the answer. 

The Optimal Sizing (V2) 

Stacyc eDrive 12 = 14" Inseam = 12" Wheels = Less Power

Stacyc eDrive 16 = 18" Inseam = 16" Wheels = Little Bit More Power


The Pricing

Stacyc eDrive 12 =$934.99

Stacyc eDrive 16 =$1184.99


And that is all you need to know from this blog post. Feel free to contact us via social media or call 403-214-2850 for more information. We look forward to seeing your little ripper on one of these soon!

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