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C3 Forcefield Wrap-Around Handguards

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C3 Forcefield Wrap-Around Handguards

*See C3 Shield Expanders For An Extra 1.5-2.0" Of Protection*

Snowbiking really puts handguards through the wringer - hands have to be constantly protected from branches and twigs, bigger impacts in crashes, and the constant freezing wind and spray of fresh pow. And frankly, very few of the handguards we've had over the years have been up to the challenge...

That's why we designed the C3 FORCEFIELD Handguards! Finally, "wrap-around" actually means full wrap-around coverage! With a sturdy and rigid aluminum bar providing the backbone and a resilient plastic shield doing the legwork, your hands will finally be protected from all angles.

The "basher" bar bend was carefully thought out to minimize the risk of hands getting trapped in the event of a quick dismount or crash.

Add some more of that billet flair: the C3 Top Cap Mounts are the sleekest and most adaptable mounting option out there.

    •Guaranteed no brake/clutch/throttle cable interference on most popular bikes

    •Sturdy and lightweight

    •Options to mount GPS or other accessories with M6 threaded holes

    •Unless you have a super-high or super-swept bar bend, these will be among the easiest handguards you ever install too!