2020 Holiday Gift Guide | BFD Moto

November 26, 2020 2 min read

2020 Holiday Gift Guide | BFD Moto

8 Gift Ideas for your Favourite Dirtbike Junkie

Whether you are looking for that big Christmas gift, a stocking stuffer, or even a good secret Santa gift we have something from you! Accompanying all budgets, this list has our 8 greatest ideas for this holiday season. 

1. BFD Moto Gift Card

You can't go wrong with a gift card! Sometimes the holiday season gets stressful! Sizing is always a guess, dirtbike parts are hard to order for a bike that isn't yours, you have no idea what that person might actually like so let them choose for themselves. Plus with our OEM parts finder they can order all OEM parts on a 10% discount! OEM Parts Finder Blog

Shop Digital BFD Moto Gift Cards Here


2. Oils and Chemicals

We have a full range of oils and chemicals at the shop for every bike! Whether it be chain lube or gear oil, that person will love the gift that keeps their bike running smooth. Great for stocking stuffers and it won't break the bank!!

Shop Oil and Chemicals Here

3. Husqvarna Apparel

The gift of style! No matter the type of riding this person does, everyone can appreciate some rad apparel. Whether it be our Husqvarna casual wear, or our Rockstar Husqvarna replica pieces, it is an awesome edition to the closet. We have a bunch of this on sale RIGHT NOW up to 50% off!

Shop Husqvarna Apparel Here


4. Ogio Gear Bags

Okay, if you get hit with some holiday spirit and feel like buying the entire staff over at BFD Moto a big gift... these gear bags would be it! Perfect for riding, general travel, and much more! They are durable and they look awesome! We have something for both your KTM and Husqvarna riders. 

Shop Ogio Gear Bags Here


5. Husqvarna/Motion Pro Tools

Everybody needs tools! If you know one thing about the entire motorsport industry, it is that we all lose our tools frequently. We have everything to complete the stockings or entire gift ideas such as toolkits!

Shop Tools Here


6. Helmets

Helmets, helmets, helmets. It is most likely that you want to keep the person that you are giving a gift too safe, and due to the aggressive nature of our sport, helmets are needed. We have some awesome deals on most of our helmets as well!

Shop Helmets Here


7. Stacyc's

A Stacyc electric bike would be any kids dream Christmas present! A year full of ripping around learning bike control and having fun? Sign us up! (These are at a great price too!)

Shop Stacyc's Here

8. The Gift of Service

If none of these gift ideas catch your eye give the gift of service! Take some time and some stress off someone's plate by loading a BFD Moto gift card up specifically for service. It could be a tire change, an oil change, maybe a top end, or more... the opportunities are endless! This person will be very grateful for this gift.

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