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Throttle Thursday: American Pro Motocross 2020 V2 | BFD Moto

by BFD Online 22 Oct 2020 0 Comments
Throttle Thursday: American Pro Motocross 2020 V2 | BFD Moto

American Pro Motocross: Answering Our Questions

Welcome back to another blog! Today we have a revamp on one of our most popular blog articles; Canada Day Chatter: American Pro Motocross 2020 | BFD Moto. On this post a couple months ago we took a look at three questions that had most of the industry kept in a curious pre-season frenzy that nobody could seem to tame... 

The 2020 Pro Motocross series is now complete with nine rounds successfully ran and champions crowned in their respective classes. We are back to answer our three questions so read up and let us know what you think.

Zach Osborne

1.How Will The Husky Trio Perform This Year? 

At the time of publish for our last blog, the Husqvarna trio of Anderson, Wilson, and Osborne were looking incredibly strong coming into the motocross season. The three riders swept the 450SX class at the last round of the Salt Lake City supercross and it was looking to be just a matter of time that these three Austrian bikes would be at the leading front of the motocross series. There was a mixture of very high success and some unfortunate rebuilding for the team during this crazy season but it was proven that the Husqvarna 450 can win at the highest level in our sport. It might have been unsuspected that the thirty-one year old of Zach Osborne would win the championship this year... but the underdog prevailed. With six moto wins and a twelve point gap on the rookie runner-up Adam Cianciarulo, the Husqvarna team is bringing home the most coveted title in North American motocross. For the other two riders on the team... success was not as high. Jason Anderson re-aggravated an injured arm he hurt during the 2019 supercross season and Dean Wilson had to pull out due to a torn meniscus in his knee. Both of the riders went under the knife for some injury repair and will be fully prepared to tackle the 2021 supercross season with the full Husqvarna squad. Dean Wilson


2. Will Eli Tomac Be Able To 4-peat?

This question seemed to be the industry stumper throughout the entire pro motocross season. It was a very mellow dramatic start for the 2020 supercross champ as he began the season with a sub-par average moto finish of 6.15 throughout the first six rounds. With the current level of competition in the premier Pro Motocross class these are still respectable finishes, but it wasn't the old Eli we are used to seeing. At the end of the season he began to turn it up once again with an average moto finish of 2.8 across the last three rounds with two of them tallied up in the wins column. Was this bike set-up, burnout, health issues, injuries... or all the other things that the media question? Well, Eli stated that the competition was just super strong this year, no excuses. With a third place overall in the championship behind his rookie teammate of Cianciarulo the #3 will be back in full force for the supercross season. We are predicting some wins in his future. 


3. Can KTM Reach The Top Of The Board With Their Lineup?

KTM did not quite have the season many predicted with the 2019 supercross champ Cooper Webb fully back in action and Marvin Musquin returning after his knee injury that sidelined him for the entire 2020 supercross season. Unfortunately after the first round, Webb was forced to sideline for the remainder of the season due to some nagging injuries from his Dallas supercross crash all the way back in 2019. Marvin made a successful and steady return to racing logging one moto win at the Ironman national but wasn't able to consistently hit that top spot. Logging consistent top five finishes, Marvin put in a solid ride for the RedBull KTM team with a fourth overall in the championship. Both of these riders will be strong for the supercross season and are looking to put the orange bikes back in front. 

Marvin Musquin

What a crazy season it has been so far. We are looking forward to the supercross season that is just around the corner. Hopefully you enjoyed this style of blog and we hope to see you in the shop soon!


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