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Athlete Files | Wildrose MX Fall Series Edition | BFD Moto

by BFD Online 02 Oct 2020 0 Comments
Athlete Files | Wildrose MX Fall Series Edition | BFD Moto

It is officially October 1st today and that means racing in Alberta has pretty much come to an end. Wild rose MX ended off the crazy year with an incredibly ran five round fall series that saw many of our riders rise to the top and put on some excellent racing. Congratulations to all of the BFD Moto riders on a well deserved fall series and we cannot wait to see what the new year brings. Everyone was ripping! Lets check out a recap below.

(If you are a BFD Moto rider and you are not on this list fire off an email to with a picture from the races and we will get it updated. We have included everyone as far as it goes for the pictures we can find so hopefully we won't have any issues)


Parker Hatt 

50cc 7-8: 1st Overall

85cc Jr: 2nd Overall

50cc Expert: 1st Overall

Let's talk about the future of racing. Parker absolutely rips out there on the track. I wasn't sure someone so young can bring so much style and technique to the table but there are many riders out there who should take some notes. Did we mention he is racing a 50? Crazy. Rising to the top of the leaderboard in both the 50cc classes Parker has a solid future of racing and the kids better watch out for the flying Hatt family in the spring. Way to go Parker!


Rylan Sawyer

50cc Expert: 2nd Overall

85cc Junior: 8th Overall

50cc 7-8: 2nd Overall

Alright lets start off here this little ripper is next level! But before we get to the gnarly scale can we all acknowledge the LIT KIT?! The whole Sawyer family always looks so rad! Okay, another future ripper in the making learning about the brutal aspect of our sport very early on and how to manage himself to keep doing what we love. Rylan had a nasty get off racing earlier this season and was sidelined for Walton but came back to show everyone he still has it at the fall series. Not only that, he had another scary moment that resulted in a dislocated elbow but still managed to race his next moto... if that is not perseverance then I don't know what is. Keep it up Rylan... we love your style!


Braxton Becker

50cc 7-8: 2nd Overall

65cc: 5th Overall

85 cc Jr: 4th Overall

Where did all these little guys get their style from?? It is a mini Dean Wilson everywhere you look in the 50cc classes. The BFD Moto riders of Braxton Becker, Parker Hatt, and Rylan Sawyer completely swept the 50cc 7-8 class overall podium. These kids battled hard and Braxton was always in the mix. With solid consistent finishes at each of the rounds Braxton will be a contender in the GP Pro Am class in no time! Good job buddy you are on rails out there!


Kade Dupuis

50cc 4-6: 5th Overall

The mo-hawk man of Kade Dupuis was on the move over the course of the fall series. Always ready to race you can see him on the track, riding pedal bikes, or chasing after his big brother Haiden to show him who's really boss in the Dupuis family. The little guy was railing outsides left, right, and center and is going to be one to watch in both the motocross and off-road scene for years to come. Keep it up Kade this is what we love to see! #213


Haiden Dupuis

65cc: 4th Overall

85cc Jr: 5th Overall

 If you want to talk about confidence and some perseverance look no further then the kid dressed up in his all red SRT gear, Haiden Dupuis. I haven't seen this much improvement from a little ripper in such a short period in a long time. Haiden always attacks the track as hard as he can and isn't afraid to get up after a fall. It seemed like he got his starts dialed by mid point of the series as he was really pulling out of the gate and throwing some seriously fast laps down. We saw some hardcore falls as well but he always got up and gave everything he has. BFD Moto riders don't give up. Haiden is just young and he has some serious talent that will flourish for years. Way to go!


Lane Kretzel

Supermini: 3rd Overall

85cc Expert: 5th Overall

The #990 of Fast Lane Kretzel is always one to watch on the 85's. His flawless style and raw, smooth speed is the perfect equation in the makings of a phenomenal rider. Lane is always out on the track looking to better improve and it was really becoming apparent this fall series. There is a massive difference when it comes to regular riders and riders like Lane because they just look more solid and smooth... mistakes are rare. (Think like a Ken Roczen or a Ryan Dungey. If not familiar think Charlie Johnston!) Lane was running with the super high caliber competition in both the classes he entered and proved to everyone he will be a force to reckon with for a long time in the motocross community. Keep it up #990, we are watching!


Mars Millar

85cc Expert: 4th Overall

Supermini: 5th Overall

250 JR: 5th Overall

Talk about another LIT KIT! Fox has really been on it with these kids. Whether he was suited up in this sweet colour style or the all-red gearset you can always spot a fast Mars Millar on the track giving it his all. Mars was a solid competitor in the mini bike classes but what is most impressive is the jump up to battle the big bikes on an 85. Mars raced once in 250 Beginner and then jumped up to 250 Junior for a real challenge. You can tell with his aggression on the track and competitive style that he has what it takes to run with the best. Even after going down pretty hard on the main track in a gnarly rut he picked himself up and finished the moto with no helmet visor. Keep it going Mars!


Lexi Pechout

Ladies: 2nd Overall

How do we even start this.... well when she isn't getting your parts sorted out at BFD she is absolutely ripping on a dirt bike! Most boys are scared to line up beside her because she is just so fast! Mixing it up in the ladies class Lexi and Danika were flying and put on multiple shows of some of the best battles most of us have seen in a long time. When she wasn't on fire in the ladies class she was racing the GP Junior class to show the boys who is boss. Do you hear that four stroke behind you? Yeah, that is Lexi and there isn't anything you can do about it. You better be sure to be nice next time she hands you your parts or you just might get passed from the outside next time you see her on the track. 


Jannie Devin-Lamontagne

Ladies: 6th Overall

6th overall is super impressive in a stacked ladies class! Fresh off a strong ladies ISDE team last year, Jannie has skyrocketed her motocross skills. In both the off-road and the motocross scene she has been improving drastically and is proving she can run with the fastest. The #31 is always smooth with a fast and classic stand-up style... something many riders strive to be better at but just can't get the foundation down. Keep your eyes out for Jannie next season we can't wait to see what is next!


Kasha Kistelski

Ladies: 13th Overall

250 Beg. 15th Overall

Coming off of an arm injury at the beginning of the year this is a huge rebound for Kasha! Running a similar sleek Fox kit it was one to watch for on every track. Her smooth, almost unbreakable style is key to her consistent and strong finishes all series long. Watch out for that #96!


 Kale Cuthbertson

250 JR: 1st Overall

GP Junior: 2nd Overall

 The professional gate sweeper of Kale Cuthbertson really turned it up for the fall series. Growing up in the off road scene Kale is getting much more into the motocross competition with his Husqvarna 250F. Training super hard all summer and tripling his speed from last year it was only a matter of time until the results were there. Establishing himself as a top three contender in the stacked GP Junior class with consistent podium finishes, leading some laps, and even winning the overall for a round.... Kale will be right in the mix next year too! 


Chase Cuthbertson

 450 Junior: 2nd Overall

GP Junior: 5th Overall

Well I am not sure what I am supposed to type for myself but the fall series was great. I was a little scared to jump beforehand but now I feel comfortable, I was able to hold my little brother off in the last moto, and my BFD graphics look rad. What else is there? Lets move on to the next rider!


Kevin Dupuis

 GP Pro Am: 10th Overall

Vet Master: 1st Overall

Kevin is a known staple fighting for the AMSA off-road series every year in the pro class. With the cancellation of the off-road series Kevin and the family have been focused on riding and improving! He charged hard every moto for some wins in Vet Master and some impressive finishes in the GP Pro Am class. Keep watching for Kevin, Jannie, Haiden, and Kade in the future. 


Shane Cuthbertson

Vet Master: 2nd Overall

Plus 40: 1st Overall

Another off-road guy from the early days turning into a motocross weapon. Learning from his ISDE experiences he realized how important it is for off-road guys to be strong in both sides of the sport. It is key to cross train which makes you faster as an all around solid rider. He seems to get faster and smoother with age so keep watching the #20!


Boston Calder

GP Pro Am: 15th Overall

Number one on the track and number one in your heart is Boston Calder. When he isn't fine tuning yours or Dave Mcgregors suspension he is showing the kids he still has the speed! It probably helps a little bit that his suspension looks like gold but his style is impeccable. Someone convince him to throw the number one on a bike again next year and put on some schools like he did over the series... so much to learn when you watch him. Sorry Gino's bike shop, we took your suspension guy! #shimslayer


Nick Collins

Under 30: 9th Overall

GP Pro Am: 7th Overall

Well the overall results might not show it, Nick is still one of the fastest riders around! If you really want someone to learn from make sure to watch every little tiny bit of riding he does because it is truly next level. For the rounds that he came to he was one of the fastest if not the fastest. Pulling hole shots and leading laps is what this guy does! BFD is stoked to have such a high caliper rider on the team. #711 forever.   


That's it for our rider recap blog! Congratulations to everyone who raced and we can't wait and see you all out there next year. #BFDMoto #teambfd #directsuspension  

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