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Top 5 Essentials for BACK TO SCHOOL | BFD Moto Blog

by BFD Online 10 Sep 2020 0 Comments
Top 5 Essentials for BACK TO SCHOOL | BFD Moto Blog

Are You Dreading the Back to School Days? Here is our BACK TO SCHOOL top five essentials list to make it just a little bit better. 

Somehow it is already that time of year... the back to school commercials are back, the cabinets are getting stocked for the busy morning raids in preparation for lunch, everyone is sad because they have to wait for after school motos, and the masks are ready to go. For kids, this next week or so is usually the biggest week they dread on all summer as the bikes have to be stored away for the day, and the paper has to come out. Here are OUR top 5 essentials that you need to have for that back to school grind... BFD Moto style. 

 1. Husqvarna Day Bag

There are two things we know here at BFD Moto. First of all, its riding season because the traction during the cooler days is amazing. Second of all, its backpack season. Do you really think Dean Wilson would go to school without a backpack like this?

Price: $78.00

2. Husqvarna Duffle Bag

This packable bag is a perfect fit for anybody. With multiple pockets and storage compartments, it is capable of fitting a laptop, binders, jackets, BFD moto stickers, and of course your favourite motocross magazine. This Husqvarna bag can be used in a variety of styles from a duffle bag to a regular backpack. Everyone needs a proper bag for going back to school... why not grab one with the Husqvarna logo on it?

Price: $72.00

3. Husqvarna Replica Team Kids Hat

Match your favourite riders with this Husqvarna team replica hat! If you can't wear a hat in school do not worry, because you can put it in your Husqvarna bag for when the bell rings and you are heading off to the track. Have you noticed that the last three products have been Husqvarna related? It might be a coincidence... 

Price: $24.00

4. Rockstar Scribble Tee

Okay now, this is cool. Show up to school in one of these rad Rockstar Scribble tees for some extra style points. What else can we say about these? You have to get one!

Price: $42.00

5. Fox 180 Backpack

Another backpack ladies and gentlemen! If you're reading this blog right now hopefully you are not a kid because you are supposed to be in school... but if you are make sure to tell your parents that a trip to BFD is needed. Isn't that one of the coolest backpacks you have ever seen? And for that much?! It is more of a steal then the last corner take out for the championship. 

For the Parents: Husqvarna Coffee Mug

Back to school is a stressful time for us all... especially if your kid is not suited up with anything on this top 5 list. For those early mornings with the kids rushing to get ready to school, come grab this mug to have that coveted first coffee in the morning. Or if you're in training for the upcoming fall series at Wildrose MX... maybe you should put some electrolytes in the mug.  

Price: $18.00 (I guess that's like what, 10 Mcdonalds coffees... or one drink from Starbucks. Steal of a deal!)

And that is it for our top five list of back to school essentials that YOU need. Hopefully the transition back goes smoothly for everyone and we hope to see you in the shop soon!


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