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Do You Want To Be The ULTIMATE Winter Rider? | BFD Moto Blog

by BFD Online 01 Nov 2021 0 Comments
Do You Want To Be The ULTIMATE Winter Rider? | BFD Moto Blog

We Can Make YOU The ULTIMATE Winter Rider

Riding in the winter has the potential to be some of the best riding we get all year round. The traction, temperature, and terrain have the ability to all fall together to create some of the most epic days on your bike that you will ever experience. There is one catch though... without the right gear these days will simply be out of grasp. Trust us, we see it all the time! Trying to winter ride without the proper or best equipment leaves you with a poor experience, a sore body and never wanting to go back. We are here to unlock the BEST rides, see below on how you can become the ULTIMATE winter rider this year!


The Basics

We get it... getting set up properly for winter riding is not cheap, but we have developed a kit to get you on your way with the equipment that will actually work. You will be happy knowing you have industry leading products on your side when you are not stuck in a tricky spot because your cheap studs have worn all the way down. We see it first hand here at the shop every winter, some people end up having to pay twice the amount of money because they tried to find a cheaper solution. Buying the cheap Chinese studs and throwing them into the wrong tires results in the loss of all your studs, tires, and a really terrible experience slipping around in the snow. Our custom BFD Moto Complete Winter Riding Kit is just the perfect equipment to get you on the trails having an epic time! See the link below for more!

Price: NOW $1305 See our Winter Tire Kit Here!


Gear Up

Once you have your bike geared up with the proper tire set up, you are going to want to get yourself set up. There is nothing worse then being wet and cold on a winter ride. Out in the mountains it is always just a little chillier, and the wind sure does have a bite to it if you're not prepared. We have spent many winters trying new products so spare yourself some time and check out our list of winners below!

1. 100% Hydromatic Brisker Gloves (Water Resistant and Warm!)

Price: $64.95 See our Hydromatic Brisker Gloves Here!


2. 100% Photochromatic Goggles

These are a necessity and brand new for this year! The days are short in winter so most riders are wary of tinted goggles just because it can get dark quick. Clear lenses are usually the go to but on a bright day, the snow can become very dangerous very fast. These goggles are self tinting depending on the environment that you're in... no more worrying about it being to dark or light out!

Price: $89.95 See our Photochromatic Goggles Here!


3. Husqvarna Waterproof Socks 

Winter can produce some really slushy conditions. At the start of the day everything can be frozen but throughout the afternoon the snow can start to melt. Your boots will get soaked no matter how good of a rider you are so keep your feet dry with these socks. They are no joke... you will have bone dry feet after the ride! Fantastic if cold as well!

Price: $48.00 See our Husqvarna Waterproof Socks Here!


4. Husqvarna Gotland Enduro Waterproof Jacket (A No Brainer For Snow!)

Price: $300.00 See our Husqvarna Gotland Waterproof Jacket Here!


Must Needed Products For The ULTIMATE Riders

Now that you have the right tires, some of the best gear in the game to keep you happy on the rides, we have two stand-out products to truly make you the ULTIMATE winter rider. These two products aren't a must have, but you will be incredibly happy you have them on those cold days.

1. Koso MX-1 Lock On Heated Grips

Perfect for those days that are on the chilly side. Many morning rides start off pretty cold so these are very nice to have. On both the comfort and safety side of things, it is nice to not have numb hands and fingers. Easily adjustable with it's different modes and designed like an OEM lock on grip, throw these guys on and you won't even know that they are there!

Price: $191.99 See our Koso Heated Grips Here!


2. Husqvarna Handlebar Muffs

Perfect to keep the wind, snow, and moisture off of your hands! Designed to keep you warm and dry... why wouldn't you want these! With a mix up of these handlebar muffs and our Koso heated grips, you will never have to worry about cold hands again!

Price: $23.99 See our Husqvarna Handlebar Muffs Here!


Pro Tips & Tricks

Perfect! You are all set up with the majority of the gear you need to have the best winter riding season yet! There may be a few other little things that you may find increase the quality of winter riding that we might have missed so make sure to let us know through our social media so we can share with others! We have included just a few of the tips and tricks that we have used, or seen others use below. 

1. Duct Tape On Your Footpegs

This is a classic trick right here. Have you ever been riding and struggled to keep your feet on the pegs because you feel like you're riding on ice? It is a common problem to have! Take a roll of duct tape and wrap around the main part of your footpegs 1-2 times to avoid the ice ball. With the duct tape on your pegs, snow and ice cannot be trapped inside allowing you to have regular traction like normal!


2. Hockey Tape On Your Levers

There is no way around it, your levers will get slippery and wet! To prevent loss of control, wrap some hockey tape around them and don't worry about it getting too slippery!


3. Always Carry A Light And A Saw

Safety comes first and you will want to pay attention just a little more in the winter. The days are short, the darkness comes fast and so do the cold temperatures. Don't get yourself stuck in a tricky situation without a light, or a saw. We have included our two favourites below.

Acerbis VSL Headlight

Mountain Lab Folding Saw


That sums it up for our guide on how YOU can be the ULTIMATE winter rider. As always, make sure to let us know if you have any questions! We hope you all have the most epic winter riding season yet! #TEAMBFD #BFDMOTO

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