What Do I Need To Set Up My Snowbike?

November 12, 2021 4 min read

What Do I Need To Set Up My Snowbike?

What Do I Need To Set Up My Snowbike? | BFD Moto Blog

Congratulations! You have a bike and a Timbersled track kit to join the epic group of people headed out to the mountains to shred some snow bikes this year. The weather is starting to turn and that means build season is upon us. Just because you have a kit doesn't mean you can load up and get to experience the fresh powder... you definitely need some gear to have the most fun, get the highest performance out of your ride and stay safe.

We have made up a couple categories of our most essential products that will help you enjoy the season so much more. Snow bikes aren't cheap and neither is the gear. If you are watching the wallet a little bit during your build you can get away with less modifications but to save a ton of headache and hard time, we highly recommend having the bronze and safety category fully covered and the majority of the silver category as well to achieve the most FUN! It is worth it, trust us. 


Let's Get Started: Bronze Category (The Basic Necessity's)

 Don't even load your bike up if you don't have these products. These are the absolute essentials that you must have to make the full conversion from dirt to snow. They are critical to the safety of yourself as well as the health of your bike so make sure the bronze category is covered and you will be able to head out to the mountains. It may not be very comfortable for yourself and your experience may not be great, so you will want to dig into the silver category for more!

 C3 Air Intake Starting From $169.99

C3 Snowbike Thermostat Starting From $234.95

Liqui Moly 0W40 Winter Oil Starting From $19.99


Silver Category: The Essentials To A Great Experience

We highly recommend these products if you are looking for a good time this winter. It is possible to get away without them, but promise us you will take a look at ALL these products and think about each one of them. Trust us, it will be so much more worth it when your warm, your bike is running properly, and you can hang with the rest of the crew.

C3 Backcountry Footpegs Starting From $249.95

C3 Coolant Heated Handlebars Starting From $299.95

C3 Forcefield Handguards Starting From $249.95

Lynx Wheel Kits Starting From $399.99 (Front Only)

PST Engine Jackets Starting From $299.99


 Gold Category: Comfort & Performance


Now we are getting into the goodies! These products aren't 100% needed to ride a snow bike but we recommend them to make your experience better. From C3 Bar Risers and a Seat Concepts Comfort Seat for a better ride, to a P3 Heat Shield and an AXP Skid Plate... these products will instill confidence in your ability to shred the powder. Personally, we would put ALL of these products onto our bikes instead of having to learn the hard way. Trust us, a stock seat sure isn't comfy and you won't be very happy that you burnt through your expensive pants with your header. We are looking out for you! Want the list of our very best parts? Keep scrolling to get to the diamond category.

P3 Carbon Heat Shield Starting From $175.00

Husqvarna Fork Seal Protectors Starting From $35.99

AXP Xtreme Skid Plate Starting From $229.99

Seat Concepts Comfort Seat Starting From $419.77

C3 Bar Risers Starting From $99.95


Diamond Category: Go All Out


We get it, nobody wants to be beat by their friends in anything. These following products are just to enhance your ride. Power, better starts, more reliability, the ultimate transport tool, and keeping your bike dry and safe is what these products are about! The diamond category is not needed to hit the powder, but if you are going to do it right, the following products need to be on your list!

C3 Vortex Snowbike ECU Starting From $1199.99

FMF Titanium 4.1 Slip On Exhaust Starting From $1,099.99

Antigravity Lithium Battery Starting From $279.77

Bike Binderz Starting From $330.00

Timbersled Canvas Cover Starting From $309.99


 Gear: The Essentials

 The gear category is definitely not something I would try to do on a very tight budget. Having the proper gear comes down to rider safety as well as your comfort. Weather can change in the mountains faster then anything and you want to make sure you will always be warm and dry. Stay comfortable so you can focus more on riding! We have included our four favourite snow bike gear products below!

100% Racecraft 2 Snow Goggle Starting From $119.99

Klim Havoc Snow Bib Starting From $639.95

Klim GTX Boa Havoc Boots Starting From $539.95

Klim Powerxross Gauntlet Glove Starting From $169.95


Safety: 100% MUST NEED!!

 This is the most important category out of everything we have listed in this blog. Without the proper safety equipment, none of our other epic products will be useful. The conditions can change so quickly while snow biking, you have to have the proper gear to help you in even the worst catastrophe. Safety should not be taken lightly in the mountains and if you are not prepared, you won't know the gear that you need until you are in a bad situation. It is always better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. Stay safe out there!

Klim Atlas 26 Avalanche Airbag Starting From $1529.95

Mountain Lab Emergency Bivy Starting From $19.99

Mammut Alugator Ride 3.0 Shovel Starting From $99.99

Mountain Lab Folding Saw Starting From $29.99

Speed Demon Straight 6 Light Bar Starting From $94.95

Mammut Barryvox Transceiver Starting From $474.99


That is all for a essential guide to snow biking. We hope you enjoyed! 


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